AppCraver Review: Shift

AppCraver writes: "Echochrome was one of my favorite games of 2008. It was a PSP downloadable puzzle game that was all about changing perspectives and using physics to solve puzzles to complete levels. So when a game brings back memories of spending hours playing through Echochrome, it's a very good thing in my world. Shift isn't a clone of Echochrome in any sense, but Armor Games has created a puzzle game that puts the emphasis on creating a way out of no way to move through the game. An interesting premise for sure, but as always, folks want to know if the execution is on point and if this is a fun game. At its core, Shift is a classic "here" to "there" puzzle game. From there, it trails off the beaten path dramatically. You're a guy that's in a square shaped environment that consists of only two colors, black and white. This is the means to create the main mechanic for the whole game, as the way to navigate around the level is done by shifting perspective to get a different view of the level. So what appears to be a dead end can magically become a stair case by shifting perspective by tilting the iPhone forwards or backwards. You'll climb stairs, make jumps, avoid spikes, and collect keys to unlock moving platforms all in the effort to exit through the door to complete the level."

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