Gamezebo Review: Room Boom: Suburbia

Gamezebo writes: "When most people think of property ownership board games, they think of Monopoly. My heart goes out to those people. If their thoughts first go to Monopoly, chances are they have never had the chance to enjoy sublime tabletop experiences like Carcassone or Settlers of Catan. Room Boom Suburbia is an all new property-owning experience that has far more in common with the latter than the former, even if its virtual nature means there's not actual board involved.

Room Boom Suburbia places you in the hard hat of a suburban home developer competing against other developers for territory. These territories are represented by squares on a 5x5 board (although you can make this smaller in the options if you want a quicker game). Each territory is a tiny part of the neighborhood where you will build homes. Place more homes in the territory than your competitor and the territory will be yours. The game is over when one developer can control a horizontal or vertical line of territories, kind of like tic-tac-toe."

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