Gamezebo Review: The Magicians Handbook II: BlackLore

Ahoy! The Magician's Handbook returns for another adventure. Instead of exploring a cursed valley, the hero goes on a quest to rescue fairies from the dread pirate Blacklore. The Magician's Handbook 2: Blacklore beautifully integrates the game with the story so everything has a purpose, something few hidden object games pull off. However, it has a few flaws that turn the magical journey into a challenging one, maybe too challenging.

After finding all the rune stones, the magician removed a curse from Magician's Handbook: The Cursed Valley. He waits for more adventures only to find the text disappears from the handbook. Disappointed, he returns home to a dull life while the handbook collects cobwebs. Two years later, the book wakes up. Corrigan, fairy helper to the wise wizard, asks for help in freeing the Wise Wizard and fairies from evil magician pirate Blacklore. You have until the next moonrise to free the captured fairies hidden throughout the land. Otherwise, Blacklore will come for you. Should he capture you, the fairies are trapped fore'er.

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