10 Things I Hate About 'World of Warcraft' (MMO Hub)

10 things that longtime WoW player and MMO Hub writer Kyle Stallock hates about his favorite MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

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ahnonamis4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

As a Horde player, I'm going to have to disagree with number 10.

I also can't believe that "annoying kids and gold sellers" weren't on the list. Then again, it's probably hard to limit it at 10 things when you've been playing the game since launch. Awesome game, but it has its problems just like any other.

Max Power4590d ago

a horde member, all my characters where horde except my night elf (which I ditched for a blood elf), but now I am wow clean for months...Yay!

Transporter474590d ago

I like the Horde and the Alliance but got bored of that game a few months ago after i was 80 xD lol

TheAntiFanboy4590d ago

Why? Because my mature 13-year-old sister would be thoroughly insulted by even more anti-youth sentiment in online gaming.

Tsuru4590d ago

1. If loot wasnt important, game would be to easy, anyone could just do everything while naked.
2. Its dated graphics because blizzard is trying to keep the people who have outdated computers, it allows everyone to play not just a select few like age of conan did.
3. I agree with you on that one. But what else is there to do?
4. A profession is not ment to be "fun" its ment to be used in assisting the player in some way.
5. This shouldn't even be on the list. It has nothing to do with anything about the game.
6. I agree on that one, shamans like myself have no good place in pvp anymore, but its not everything.
7. If a look of a character bothers you. Well then im sorry, but thats just a pathetic reason to hate WoW.
8. Why does that even bother you? Seriously do you like just going around and looking at people in town, or are you here to play?
9. In a way its a good thing. It shows they are listening to players and care enough about players to look into a "problem" or whatever and see what they can do to resolve it. To me it just seems like your the one whining that you didnt save any honor before hand and are pissed cause people who play more then you did the work for it.
10. Do you even know what Warcraft is about?

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Nikuma4590d ago

I mostly agree with all of this article. Such a great game to start ruined by blizz. Sad really.

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