AppSmile Review - Tower Madness: 3D Tower Defense

Tower Madness: 3D Tower Defense, Limbic Software's first release in the app store, is an enjoyable new game that avoids the trap of becoming just another TD game by including some unique attributes that really enhance the gaming experience.

Tower Madness is based on a fairly comical storyline. Aliens have invaded, bent on abducting 10 sheep in order to make a scarf for their Emperor. Your task is to prevent the multiple waves of attack from reaching those sheep, which are penned up at the bottom of the screen. To accomplish this, you will place weapon towers around the board to blast the aliens as they fight their way toward the sheep. Most levels are open field, meaning that the enemies do not follow a set route, but dynamically change their behavior based on your tower placement. Tower Madness includes a set of arrows to indicate the aliens' current path, so that you can better anticipate where to place towers most effectively.

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