El33tonline Review: Meteos (DS) "I realize that Meteos is a game that has been out for a few years. I even played it upon the launch of the DS. But with Nintendo SA bringing out the catalog of games that were out before the DS Lite, of which Meteos is one, it's well worth a revisit and a review.

Much comparison was made at the time between Meteos and Lumines, both being puzzle games from Q Entertainment and the incomparable Mizuguchi. Obviously the salient feature of the games was that one was on the DS and one was on the PSP, so this was the focus of any discussion regarding the merits of either. Those who owned a DS thought Meteos was best, while those with a PSP thought Lumines was best. It turns out that Lumines was the one that ended up on hundreds of platforms, while Meteos only got a DS update later in the form of a Disney version. It's a little thought-of fact that Meteos wouldn't be possible on other platforms because of its touch screen use (a mouse would not cut it), and while it might not be as ubiquitous as Lumines, it still offers excellent entertainment for the match-3 dropping-blocks puzzle fan."

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