AppSmile Review: X2 Football

AppSmile writes: "X2 Football 2009 allows you to play as any of more than 50 international teams under three game modes: Tournament, Penalty Shootout, and Training. Training mode is a great way to get a feel for the controls, which we'll discuss later. Practice passing, corner kicks, free kicks, penalty kicks, shots on goal, and dribbling skills without pesky opponents getting in the way. For some quick, adrenaline-filled fun, try Penalty Shootout, where you alternate taking penalty kicks until a winner is crowned. As much fun as those may be, Tournament mode is the heart and soul of the game. You can compete in cups and leagues for the 5 major continents. Options abound in X2 Football, allowing you to customize all aspects of the game, from the simple options (4 difficulty levels, real-time half length, etc.) to the more complex (team management, formations, substitutions, etc.). Gameplay is well-paced and has an authentic feel, as the players' movements are based on full motion-captured player animations. X2 Football looks as slick as it plays."

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