Research Says: Gamers Are Not Sociopaths reports on recent research carried out for the British Broad of Film Classification (BBFC) suggesting that interactivity in games keeps gamers rooted in reality - it does not generate negative reactions.

This comes at a time when the likes of TV funnyman, Dr Phil and another US identity who operates out of Florida have leapt on videogames as causal in yesterday's horrendous massacre at Virginia Tech.

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scarlett_rg4200d ago

They needed "research" to figure this out?? (Although it was mainly just interviewing gamers... but still.)

Spend your research grant money on something that Captain Obvious doesn't already know!

Boon Tarkas4200d ago

Apparently the researchers haven't played too much online COD3, or GOW because I seem to run in to the mentally disturbed quite regularly.

And from time to time..even on this forum