Capcom Classics Coming to PSN Starting Tomorrow

Ryan McDougall: "Hey PlayStation fans, I'm Ryan, Capcom's newest Bearer of Good News. Today, I'm here to bring you word of our upcoming PlayStation classics, a library of classic games being brought to you on the PlayStation Network. We've sorted through our archives and hand-selected the games that rocked the industry. All of these upcoming classics will be released over the PSN, and will be playable on your PSP."

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DasBunker3449d ago

captain commando, final fight and RE2/3 caught my eye..

JoySticksFTW3449d ago

Especially if you own a PSP with a sizable memory stick

himdeel3449d ago

...I cannot wait to get a PSP and slather it up with some if not all of these games.

Panthers3449d ago

Once I get a PSP Go I will be getting RE 1,2,and 3 and FFVII

Greywulf3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Still more challenging than any survival horror i've played this gen. capcom really hit some good gameplay with Resident Evil.. its less a horror game, b ut more a strategy horror -action rpg?

Cant wait to get 2 & 3..

napoleon dynamite(yes!)

Sony is shooting themselves in the foot as far as Backwards compatibility goes. They are missing out on sales from each 80gb/non BC unit out there. Capcom should insist on BC emulation, it can clearly be done w/software.

callahan093449d ago

Thinking about downloading Dino Crisis when it comes out. I never got a chance to play that one other than a short demo in a Toys R Us 10 years ago.

maniacmayhem3449d ago

I played the first Dino Crisis for 10 minutes then moved on due to so many games being on the PS2.

It would be nice to revisit that game and try and finish it.

LoL, u got a disagree...

Livenow3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

"We at Capcom just realized that people will buy our old games even if we don't patch in trophies or provide any upgrades to the visuals/gameplay and we just figured this out with PSN so we're going to get our old games to you."

BTW, I will be buying Resident Evil 2.

3449d ago
UnwanteDreamz3449d ago

I was actually thinking about Dino Crisis the other day. I beat the game and loved it. I liked how underpowered you were compared to the Dinos. You will spend a fair ammount of time running for your life in this game.

Trebius3449d ago

This is easy money for them, that's number one.

They know that because the sales of games on PSN are admirable, especially when it came to a big name like FFVII, they can throw old games at PSN and receive huge sums of cash in return.

Not to say this is a BAD thing, it isnt at all...because I'll be playing RE2 and reliving the moment.

I bought FFVII only about a week ago, i was skeptical because I rarely buy things online...but I got it because why not, it's only 10 bucks.

Im SO glad I got it...I'm seeing things I didnt catch when I played it all those years ago. I'm playing a completely different way...some things are actually NEW to whoa, I forgot about this...

Anyway...I digress big time.


Jaces3449d ago

RE1, 2, and 3! Yess!

Dino Crisis is a plus too, great game.

Megatron083449d ago

$ony throwing around more money for content....................... .....whatever happen to that we dont buy stuff ?

Tapewurm3449d ago

These games will be great on the PSP..... I have quite a few of them on my PSP atm and FF7 looks sweeet on that little mentioned above...finding and seeing things I didn't see my first time through all those years ago. Will be getting Dino Crisis, RE2 and Nemesis as soon as they launch.

Greywulf3449d ago

Capcom is releasing its previous sony playstation titles again digitally over PSN. keyword. Playstation.

That was easy.

Omaplatypus3449d ago

ALL PS3 models are compatable with PS1 games, PSN or disc based... get your facts straight

cayal3448d ago

Dino Crisis had an awesome opening sequence.

Was quite a good game that I will purchase if it comes to the Aussie store.

rockleex3448d ago

We first got our PS1. We had no memory card. -_-

We had to try and beat Resident Evil 1 in just ONE playthrough. O_O

Never could beat it. :P

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Cajun Chicken3449d ago


hay3449d ago

Hell yeah, I did love both Powerstones on DC.

SprSynJn3448d ago

I don't suppose that is also playable on the PS3 without the use of a PSP, is it? I would love to get any Power Stone game I can find, but I do not have a PSP.

saint_john_paul_ii3449d ago

Capcom is seriously taking the PSN to its fullest potential when it comes to the Store. hopefully other 3rd party companies take notice.

JonnyBigBoss3448d ago

Agreed. It's really a great idea. I mean, I'd prefer PS2 games but PS2 wasn't too long ago... and they would take up a lot of HD space.

Rampaged Death3449d ago

I hope Europe get's this update. I will deffinaltey think about getting Resident Evil 2 and 3. Playing them on the PSP will be brilliant !!

Shuya3449d ago

bah they haven't even given us in EU RE1 yet

Conan9973449d ago

well, you guys have Crash Team Racing!
So jealous. I would love to play that game again.

beavis4play3449d ago

i've been wanting some great RE action. (and no, RE5 ain't it)

beavis4play3448d ago

RE directors cut IS very good........but my favorite is RE2. i've been hoping it'd hit PSN.