Overlord Halfling Massacre trailer

Today a new trailer of the upcoming Triumph Studios title Overlord has been released. In this trailer which is entirely in game, you witness a massacre of Halflings ordered by the Overlord. Available in SD and HD. For the HD version click the video link after the embedded video.

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tony4205d ago

why do they put red circles and arrows on top of the enemies?that alone totally ruins the game.

id dot entity4205d ago

Don't know what it's for but I don't think it is something that ruins the whole game...

tony4205d ago

you are right, but they should take it off at least. that might help.

holdaway4205d ago

Hmmm... I think that 'totally ruins the game' is a little over-the-top. It's not ideal, certainly, but how do you know they didn't just turn the icons on to highlight the enemy for the trailer? Until you've played the game yourself, I think it's a little early to be writing it off.

tony4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

why would do they highlight the enemy just for the trailer? it doesn't makes sense.

MK_Red4205d ago

The studio made the excellent Age Of Wonders and with promise of freedom and being truly evil the game seems kool but graphics and these trailers are really weak.

id dot entity4205d ago

Yeah but that doesn't mean the game is going to be bad. I have high hopes for this game and since AoW is one of the best TBS games I've ever played I think they will make a good product.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4204d ago

Richer gameplay and this game could be sweet.

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