The Ten Most Avidly-Played Wii Games In America (As Of July 1)

Stephen Totilo writes:

"Back after a two month absence, here is your list of the 10 Wii games that get the most play per user (disclaimers and explanation below). Wii Play and Tales of Symphonia are knocked out of the top 10.

Make way for Rune Factory Frontier and Rock Band 2 in our (theoretically) monthly study of which Nintendo Wii games are getting played the most, per user.

We're not tracking sales here. Any game can get bought. We're tracking how much time these games get used by the people who own and rent them as tabulated by the Nintendo Channel's indexing of play time by two million Wii owners. The results should tell us how much people who wind up with these games like them. That's more interesting, no?"

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