Gaming Union: Tales of Vesperia Review (Xbox 360)

For a series that had a majority of its games on the PlayStation for over ten years, many fans were suprised when the game was announced to be coming to the Xbox 360. After causing Japan to run out of the console for the first time in that territory, Tales of Vesperia was released in North America only a few weeks later. Almost a full year after the game's original release, how does it fare in Europe, coming after other Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), such as Star Ocean: The Last Hope?

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Selyah3486d ago

Sounds good might have to pick it up.

Voozi3486d ago

Was the first JRPG I bought for my 360, I had a blast with it. So I would def pick it up if you're into JRPGs or the Tales series.

truehunter3486d ago

Waitting for PS3 version. I do hope it comes over.

gwcommander3486d ago

this looks like a game I may want to check out