PAL fans to Sony: where are our Casino Royale freebies?

After rushing home your pre-ordered PlayStation 3, carefully removing the bubble wraps and plugging in your 60 GB, CELL monster machine into the PlayStation Network, you probably then realized, "Hey, wait a minute! Where's my free Blu-Ray movie?" Well, you're one out of 20,000 hopefuls that have more or less wondered about that, too.

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thatdude4204d ago

I got mine 2day, great film

daomay4204d ago

having royal night with friends this friday hehe

beers & pizza...then off to get wasted

ASSASSYN 36o4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Casino royal was boring as he//. I understand that it took place during bonds first assignment after being promoted to 007 status but man I wanted some serious gadgets thrown into the mix.

Caxtus7504204d ago

you my friend...are not a serious film bond film in goodness knows how long. up there with the best!

cuco334204d ago

it was a good movie, dont get me wrong... but it wasn't AWESOME like everyone made it out to be... maybe i overhyped my expectations for it

Fenman4204d ago

Sony sent emails out last week informing people if they had qualified for the free copy of Casino Royale (at least they did in the UK). Still waiting for mine though!

ASSASSYN 36o - Everyone enjoys a good gadget but they were starting to push things a little far with an invisible car!

sak5004204d ago

Talk about pushing things far..How about E3 05 Killzone 2?

MrFurious4204d ago

Heyy I got an e-mail from Playstation Europe (in french)stating that I will get it 45 days after official issue in 23 May!!
Thank you so ni..ce!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.