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Assassin's Creed Preview

From : "In terms of the sheer scope of its ambition there are few games that we know of that can hold a candle to Ubisoft Montreal's long in development epic period piece, Assassin's Creed. What follows is a collection of every single solitary bit of information we've been able to dig up, rustle up, sniff out and extricate from every corner of the web and print, for your convenience.

If you haven't seen the impressive CG trailer, you really ought to check it out, not only is it extremely cool, it'll also give you a pretty good clue as to what to expect from the game.

Drawing from history, Ubisoft is crafting a game that takes the sort of action oriented acrobatic platforming gameplay seen it the landmark Prince of Persia games, and puts you in a playground the size of a city. Taking place during the Third Crusade, Ubisoft's Montreal team have recreated the middle eastern cities of Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus for you to explore. Set in the year 1191, shortly after King Richard the Lionheart occupied the oceanside port city of Acre, the game places you in the boots of Altair, a freshly recruited member of the feared "Hashshashin", a mystic offshoot sect of Muslim executioners from which the modern word "Assassin" is possibly derived.

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TheXgamerLive6301d ago

I know I know, but I have a "bet" that I want everyone to remember!!! This game "Assassin's Creed" will not, I repeat WILL NOT come out/be released on the ps3!!! Say what you will but the ps3 after two (2) years of trial and error mostly error still isnt able to run this game on a finished cell and rsx set yet. It wasn't at E3 and still cant or wont ever be in it's current state. The power of the XBOX 360 is set perfectly for this game and will do incredible on it but ps3 wont see it. I know It's just my own "personal" opinion and not all you piss s 3 fan boys but you'll see and remember...I bet you that your system wont see it's release!!!!....EVER!!!! The ps3 has a problem running anything more graphically demanding than a sonic the hedgehog game.

achira6300d ago

what a dumb, you make an ass of you, hahhaaaa

Brooklynite6300d ago

is this a 360 exclusive or for both systems.

TiTuS6298d ago

I dont know when you as a child fell of the cradle but the PS3 is much more powerful than the X-box 360 but from my own opinion the
X-box 360 suck's, I played a game on it the other day and the graphics went completly screwed and it was so jumpy.

Marty83706301d ago

XGamer - U retard PS3 is not even in final dev kit form and it way more powerfull than X360.Assassins Creed is comin to PS3 first as it's a timed exclusive,X360 will see a watered down version in say 6 months.X360 couldn't handle half the effects that PS3 can do.

TheXgamerLive6301d ago

Your wrong!! We all know it was the XBOX 360 that played the assassin's creed at E3 hidden under the table. The ps3 still cant handle these graphics. Sorry little man, tis true!!
And about the ps3 and cell's ppower, LOL>>>>>>> ;>What power???????? You mean it's ability to bottleneck in a single bounds, LOL!!
I'd love to see the ps3 come out and do well but there's just soooooo much that sony still has to fix to do this and I just dont see it happening. I think they'd first off need to increase main rsx memory from 256 to 512 + 256 instead of the 256 + 256 it currently has, maybe then it wouldnt bottleneck so often. To many cores spreading out it's little memory power makes it bottleneck. It's a fault that cannot be corrected if it's left alone.

TheXgamerLive6301d ago

Actually it was/is supposed to of been in "final dev form" as of last febuary but to do a strong showing or should I say weak showing of "poor Yields" it may never truly see Final Dev.
I'm not knbocking it just stating facts. I wish the ps3 well but I'm afraid it's "goodbye".

achira6300d ago

hey you fool, look what topic it is ! its for ps3 you moron ! this game will never come to the lame xcrapbox. hahaaaaa this game will rule on the ps3 ! your crapbox cant even play the intro of the game when it is in hd format, hahahaaaa



yes, PS3 is so powerful they can't even show it off at E3

FadeToBlack6300d ago

This game has yet to run on the ps3. The only footage anyone has seen of this game was running on a hidden Microsoft Xbox360. You always comment on topics with no facts just flames, give it a rest.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 6300d ago
shotty6301d ago

I don't care if you don't believe me and honestly I don't care. But multiplatform developers are developing games on the xbox 360 since it has a great set of tools. I'm not sure if microsoft did it on purpose but going from xbox 360 to ps3 is harder then going from ps3 to xbox 360. Like it's pretty simple to take a game like Warhawk which is coded for the cell, then bunch that code together and it will run on the xbox 360 fine. But the other way for example taking Oblivion and porting to the ps3 is really hard. This is why ps3 games are getting canceled, it's not worth the money. They can make a whole new game in that time for the xbox 360 and PC.

achira6300d ago

have you ported warhawk, surely not so dont talk bs.

FadeToBlack6300d ago

Yeah it will have to be watered down so the x360's more powerfull GPU can handle it lol. Only God knows how the mind of a sony fanboy can calculate such incorrect conclusions..

super bill6300d ago

can,t wait to get this game on the ps3.this will look superb on the ps3 with that blue ray and rsx then cell.i think you right it will be watered down for the 360.

TheMART6300d ago

So now it's for sure you don't own a 360


it won't be 'watered down' because they have had better development tools and for longer with the 360.

super bill6300d ago

to the mart have you got xbox live,if yes give me your gamertag and i give you mine,and we meet on xbox live on any 360 game you actually ive got 2 xbox360,s.