Go! Gaming Giant: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Dated in Japan & US

I must admit, i am really pumped for this game! Ninja Gaiden Sima 2 is currently set to release in Japan, on October 1. While it is also set to release here in America, on September 29.

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callahan093394d ago

Hey that's my birthday (the US release date). Maybe I'll pick it up, I haven't decided yet though, seeing as I already own the 360 version.

Karum3394d ago

If you liked the 360 version, trade it in for the PS3 version since there's extra content like other playable characters, different bosses and co-op play.

callahan093394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

If the camera isn't better, if the graphics aren't better, and if the framerate isn't better, than a little extra content isn't going to justify buying it again. I'll wait til the critics weigh in and see if they can confirm they've spruced up the engine and made it a better game overall. I hope so.

mastiffchild3394d ago

Judging by last time the game will look pretty similar when it finally arrives with the usual trade off of less AA for better skin tones and effects that 360 to PS3 ports have but I'd trade and buy(well I will actually)because the camera IS fixed by all accounts and now, even if it does get caught up, you can recentre it with L!(IIRC)which, to me, is the biggest issue.

As f now I think the game runs at the same FPS but has slightly worse textures than the 360 game but, knowing what usually happens over the last moths of a PS3 games dev cycle we can expect things to improve a decent amount before release. I can't see there being an appreciable difference overall in the way the two finished games will look and run onscreen-I really can't.

Then you've got added girls and co-op-and with a decent camera what's not to like? Unless, of course, you're someone who can't handle the toning down of the(imo ott)gore, that is!

Karum3393d ago

I am 99% certain I read that they have done some work on the camera so it should be better.

I think the game might use a different engine and the original Sigma was a pretty good looking game imo, so hopefully this one should be better than NGS1 which if it is should be good looking.

But yeah we don't know everything just yet I don't think so best to reserve judgement until we know more. I didn't own a 360 at the time of NG2's release although I own one now but with NGS2 coming out I'm holding off for it because it's my first time to play the game so may as well go for the extra content and free online play. That's just me though.

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Unicron3394d ago

Bring it! NGS2, Bayonetta, Darksiders, then God of War 3... it's a great time to be an action fan.

Karum3393d ago

Don't forget the new Castlevania game and Dante's Inferno