IGN: Infamous Meets PlayStation Home

In about 24 hours or so, you're going to be able to walk the docks of Empire City, the burg that Cole inadvertently blew up in Infamous. Sure, you could already kind of do that in the game itself, but this time, you'll be wandering the docks in PlayStation Home as the avatar you've whipped up.

Not intrigued yet? Well, there are also a mini-games, graffiti creation, and story-expanding tidbits.

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LiquifiedArt3983d ago

I'm gonna just keep posting this in every HOME related article. Hopefully someone will see it and realize this very concept is the pivotal thing to bring HOME into every PS3 user's PLAYSTATION experience, otherwise HOME will always been a partly used add-on.

I ask the existing gamers, to spread the word and maybe just maybe it'll makes it way to someone who can see its potential.

FamilyGuy3982d ago

Mostly in that graffiti game. I wanna see what people come up with and want to show off some skills as well.