Gamasutra: Zynga East's Brian Reynolds Interview

The strategy gaming faithful owe something to Brian Reynolds. The longtime game designer is responsible for such notable games as Alpha Centauri and Civilization II.

Most recently, Reynolds, who co-founded strategy mainstay Firaxis Games, was with another respected strategy game maker, Rise of Nations and Catan house Big Huge Games, which he also co-founded.

But with Big Huge's former parent THQ falling on financial hardship, the publisher had to sell off the studio, or close it down completely. Upstart online game developer 38 Studios managed to save Big Huge from closure by acquiring the company in May.

But Reynolds didn't come with it. After leaving Big Huge that month, he is now with Zynga East, a new branch of the social game developer based in the Baltimore, Maryland area that opened on May 23.

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