Gamer 2.0 Review: Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Gamer 2.0 writes: "With the release of Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, Activision has brought the yearly total of their popular rhythm franchise to three titles, two which happen to be on consoles (the third, Modern Hits, got released for the DS a few weeks ago). That still doesn't bring the tally to an end however, as Guitar Hero: Van Halen and Guitar Hero 5 are both scheduled to release later this year mere months apart from each other. With so much content being released at such a rapid rate it is amazing to see the fans gobble these games up like they are each their own original ideas. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is Smash Hits is a barren, dull and downright shameful display of Activision trying to cash in on easy money. Nothing about Smash Hits is remotely fun, and even though the game features new band options and updated features, the title still feels like the worst entry yet in the slowly dwindling series."

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