No more Oblivion expansions, says Bethesda

Shivering Isles could be the first and last full expansion Bethesda releases for Oblivion. The developer has said that Shivering Isles is "the only expansion we have planned".

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likeaboss3024200d ago

Lets focus on the next game already! I know people probably would like to get to two or three hundred hours of content on this one but maybe a new game would be nice.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4200d ago

i don`t even think they should have done SI,
they should have just started working on a new game.

expansions are cool,
but full games are better.

Sphinx4200d ago

But I have to agree, start work on the next one! I'm hoping the next one will allow for more free form character development. In Morrowind I spent the first 80 hours or so just looking for better and better weapons and armor, then started the main story line with some pretty good equipment right off the back, and I enjoyed that more... instead of just having the current level set (i.e. leather, then steel, etc.).

grifter0244200d ago

Ya im with you sphinx.. Its nice to take down a bad guy with some pretty kick asss armor and weapons. .And then steal him and leave him naked on the floor.. LOL... The next game should be pretty good... Hopefully you can have more diseases maybe hopefully you can turn into a werewolf.. or a werevampire.. that would be freaky... Plus maybe they can get the NPC's to act more alive.. Maybe they try to steal your fame.. Maybe follow you to a quest and when your done they run back and say they did it... You know... Maybe if your bad mobs can come after you in the night .. Sorry im saying a lot of things from the "Project EGO" that was never realized but I would like to see some of those things in a game.. There pretty cool

SickRick4200d ago

Thats GREAT news, because it does not work after 70 hours ANYWAY. Where is the damn patch?!? Fed up with Bethesda, I bet they do not even make one...since they are "working on other games". What about us gamers who bought this POS for 30 bucks, and then have it ruin our hundreds of hours worth of gaming? WHY should we buy again? I don't think retailers need to worry about us not buying and downloading instead, if this is where we are that do not work. I want a refund.....