StarCraft voice actor returns for StarCraft II duty

Remember how there was a minor issue with StarCraft fans over the fact that two of the original game's voice actors would not be returning to voice those same roles for StarCraft II?

Well those folks can rest easy now as one of those voice actors, Robert Clotworthy, has confirmed with that he will indeed return to handle the voice acting duties of Jim Raynor for Blizzard's long awaited RTS sequel..

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ChampIDC4534d ago

Glad I get to hear the same person say, "This is Jimmy."

dktxx24534d ago

I was kinda hoping they'd be done with the voice overs by now. But I guess this is good news.

Grandreaper99994534d ago

Even though the current concept artwork version of Jim Raynor Doesn't seem very spot-on.... The voice sure as hell will be.


Tarmgar4533d ago

I just want to hear "Drop your gauss and fight!", and I'll be happy.

MelaDarkwood4533d ago

Sweet!! I'm so looking forward to this game. This news only makes me want it more!! =D

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