PSA: E74 victims should have received refund check by now

If your Xbox 360 fell victim to the E74 error and you paid Microsoft for the repair, you should have received a refund check back from the company by today. If you paid for a repair and have yet to receive a check, you'll need to follow up with Microsoft before the hard deadline of November 1, 2009. After that ... well, you're just going to have to eat it.

The E74 error was placed under a similar warranty to that of the Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death," after data revealed it was another widespread defect for the console.

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Real Gambler4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

1 billion first for RRoD
Now, more for E74.

Dang, they could have feed a third world country for 100 years with that kind of money if they had made their product correctly to start with. Though I suspect it may not have went to starving people if they did... : )

shocky164534d ago

Where the editors can't even spell simple words.

"and have yet to receive a check,"

cheque. No need to thank me.

Kinetix4534d ago

Noo, check..your welcome.