PlayStation Home - New inFamous Space and Killzone 2 Throne Room

Elliott Linger writes "Hi all, it's Elliott here, and I wanted to update you on some fantastic new content making it's way into PlayStation Home this week.

Firstly, the magnificent Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room will be available from the Shopping Centre as of tomorrow morning. To celebrate the launch of this great personal space, we're giving you the chance to get hold of an exclusive Killzone 2 PS Home Reward – the Visari plant & container. This exclusive item will look great in your new Visari Palace Throne Room, (or Harbour Studio at a push…) just bear in mind it takes up quite a lot of space…!"

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Syronicus3397d ago

Gotta love what they are doing for Home. I am not one to spend much time there but love it when they come up with some cool new spaces like these.

LiquifiedArt3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I'm gonna just keep posting this in every HOME related article. Hopefully someone will see it and realize this very concept is the pivotal thing to bring HOME into every PS3 user's PLAYSTATION experience, otherwise HOME will always been a partly used add-on.

I ask the existing gamers, to spread the word and maybe just maybe it'll makes it way to someone who can see its potential.

FamilyGuy3397d ago

True integration like that would be awesome but it would be annoying to load. The option to turn it on or off auto-loading upon login would make it just as out of the way as the current Home because people would just leave it off.