When Did Michael Pachter Become the Final Word?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Firing up my RSS reader this morning or going to any one of the numerous sites I typically visit showed an overwhelming amount of articles written about Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst for our industry. He recently put out his status report on where he thinks the video game industry is headed.

Reading all the headlines, one thing became clear: people take Pachter's word for gold. I have absolutely no idea why, as he's been wrong more than right. As with most forward-looking statements, predictions and hopes get thrown at the wall en masse and only a couple will stick. That's the same with Pachter."

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Syronicus3394d ago

Sure he is funny but it's more like "funny like a clown" funny than anything else. The guy is just an idiot that makes too much money.

RememberThe3573394d ago

Has been entirely useless this gen. Nearly every analyst that has tried to predict what is going to happen has been wrong. All these articles about what this guy says are pointless. We can give better analysis then these guys.

Charlie_Shene3394d ago

Haha Patcher is always Perfectly Right or Completely Wrong. So every thing he says is a coin toss.

LiquifiedArt3394d ago

I enjoy seeing him on the Bonus round. I think he is a good addition. Is he always right? No. What analyst is? Do I care if he's right or wrong? No. Its good to hear his point of view though.

Why are gamers so Dreary? I'm surprised we don't have more gamer related suicides and hate crimes then anything else. Maybe...Stop playing so many games and get outside.

Michael Patcher FTW.

I'm starting the Pro-Patcher Movement!

Baka-akaB3394d ago

First of all i dont hate the guy , he could be very nice and hardworking for all i care ...

Anyway maybe some of us are just tired of having to navigate through daily crap from Patcher , HHG , "Will the wii die ?" articles , "Are jrpg a thing of the past ?" articles , "Is ps3 dead/should sony exit hardware" articles .. when some of us were just looking for concrete video games news and informations .

Instead more than half , and it's dreadfully growing , of the content are opinions pieces , unfulfilled prophecies , while everyone ignore a good chunk of videogames , and mostly repeat the same news over and over about the current hyper kings or blockbusters .

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shocky163394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Although we do all want his job!

tdrules3394d ago


shocky163394d ago

Maybe you need an eye test or something, seems you misread what I put.

No worries buddy!

madpuppy3394d ago

especially when they cannot read...

Pennywise3394d ago

I'll only police grammar when someone says something like: "your stupid"...

But this guy came in yelling about some dbags name spelling and then says "lern2spell". Hmmmm

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PotNoodle3394d ago

When blogs like this one started paying attention to him.

solidjun53394d ago

he's just an overpaid idiot who's in his midlife crises and tries to justify it by thinking he's a gamer.

San Frandisco3394d ago

i bet you his own kids and wife thinks he's a douche bag analasyst.

i dont know anyone on the internet who like this crackhead.

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