IGN Mailbag Update: Extra disc storage, Twisted Metal and 20GB Models Discussed

Interesting and quick question and answers to the IGN PS3 Jeremy Dunham.

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2tired2day2hate4205d ago

i'd love to see a new twisted metal game. even if there was no way it could come out on 360, i'd just hate to see that franchise be forgotten

CrazzyMan4205d ago

that would be a lot of fun =)

Robotz Rule4205d ago

Twisted Metal will grace the Playstation 3 as it did with the PS1,PS2 and PSP!,I REALLY LOVE Twisted Metal!,I am always playing Twisted Metal:Head On on my PSP! :)

fenderputty4205d ago

Twisted metal pulled of the car combat thing nicely. I always enjoyed the creepy story lines even though they were limited. It would be much cooler in later gens of games, since the first suffered frame rate problems. (FULL AUTO)

Torch4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

What an understatement that is.

I can't recall how many times I was CERTAIN that I would be set for years, with the assumption that I finally had the perfect amount of hard disk drive space, RAM, or media card capacity...only to discover months later that I'd be needing to add or upgrade. Again.

It's interesting to see that developers are already beginning to take advantage of the additional storage space the Blu-Ray medium allows. I can only imagine that the volume of content that comprise future games (at least those for PS3) will only continue to increase.

techie4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

PAL GOW doesn't get HD mode :( because of lack of disc space...PS2 game running out of space just because of the languages it has to support. Oh and it's in 576p in PAL, not 480p. But's a little telling.

DJ4205d ago

I was surprised that God of War II, a PS2 title, already filled up a dual-layer DVD. Sort of a telling sign that an upgrade in storage capacity was required. Though, I do seem to remember Insomniac saying they've been tight on space as well.

Torch4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

The bumped-up resolution would perhaps allow you guys to see a difference after all, but over here in NTSC-Land, I really, can't see a difference on my 53" Hitachi...other than a white-to-red credits screen. You're still a bit of a ways off from official HD anyway (720p).

But still, you're absolutely right: If it were on Blu-Ray, these would be non-issues...oh yeah: Lest not forget that GoW2 currently ships as with TWO DVD's (honestly forgot about that)...Blu-ray would've obliterated Disc #2 as well.

BTW: Good morning!...or no, wait: Good night!...Sheesh, which one is it for you??? I also see you changed your name/avatar again (is that a rooster I see???)...You're messin' with my mind, man!!!...You're like a friggin' chamelion! ; )

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