Zero Punctuation reviews The Sims 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Sims 3.

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phosphor1123394d ago

The Sim never changes even with all the garbage they add on, even when that garbage is a pet. You treat everything the same way.

Oh, and he's right about the last thing as well.

ThanatosDMC3394d ago

Everything he said was true. I have the game. Bought it for $24.99 at Microcenter via pre-order. Wait, add $5 there for the reservation.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3394d ago

Lol, you can say that about any game, he just described the genre, to me if serious doesn't sound too educated on video games.

phosphor1123394d ago

In a sense, you are right. All games repeat in some way. FPS' shoot. Racing drive, but the thing that makes the Sims the worst of them all is that..

When you play, you can come about your characters life, the exact same way, every time, every day. That's why they throw in things like robbers and stuff like that, to get your character all sad and make him poor again, so you can actually start trying again. Every other game, yes you shoot, yes you do some verb, but how you come about that verb is different every time, because the Sims doesn't take precision, its easy to keep an exact routine, while other games if you slightly throw off your aim or what not, that will change the scenario.

pixelsword3394d ago

if he could compliment as comedy, that would be impressive.

bjornbear3394d ago

The negativity is what makes the show in a way. It's like it's "thing". When i'm ultra hyped about a game that's gotten awsum reviews and want a true harsh non fanboyish truth about a game's qualities i check ol' Yahtzee for a reality check =)

And the best part is, it always makes me laugh xD and it never puts me off any game =)

Perkel3394d ago

as always great review.

Evildoomnerd3394d ago

I've seen that guy in nearly every Zero Punctuation video. Seriously who is that guy and whats with the obsession?

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