Target holds new PS3 game clearance

Target Corp. stores have begun holding a new game clearance for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3.

Discounted titles include Wheelman at $14.98...

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ARog343400d ago

... <$15

Wow...! Maybe now's a good time to pick it up... wish Drums could go on sale! Geez, and I have to fix my GHWT guitar!?!

Livenow3400d ago

But I'm saving for Red Faction and MLB 09.

ABizzel13400d ago

What's up with Target and these PS3 game sells. Not to long ago they had Gran Turismo 5: Prologue on sell for $10 and Ratchet and Clank: FTOD for $15. I can't say I really care to get any of the games, but this is still an amazing deal for those who are.

Wheelman at $14.98, Rock Band 2 at $14.98, Afro Samurai at $14.98, and Guitar Hero World Tour at $41.98.

FamilyGuy3400d ago

I guess i gotta make a trip to target today, was going to pick up Blaz Blue anyways...

Persistantthug3400d ago

Maybe they should be paying you to play that one.

Greywulf3400d ago

i tried the demo.. the game wasn't finished and it took 5 years.

ARog343400d ago

I do like Vin Diesel... and the game has trophies, no?

Voozi3400d ago

Loving these game sales, but picking up GT5:P for $10 at Target was a steal. There's def going to be no topping that this year =)

And if a retailer wants to try...all the better for us ;)

Madvillain3400d ago

Rockband 2 for only $15 is a definite steal. Though isn't the consensus that GHWT had the better playlist this go round?

TheColbertinator3400d ago

No.GWHT had a terrible track list

Rofflecopter3400d ago

I own both games. I prefer Rock Band's interface (clean, better looking) and set list (GH's is quite dull in reality, except for the hendrix stuff and phish DLC).

However, I prefer World Tour's hardware. The drums are more realistic and more people prefer GH's guitars.

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The story is too old to be commented.