Pocket Gamer exclusive: iPhone 3GS to get enhanced version of Worms

Pocket Gamer already reported that the iPhone version of Worms is essentially ported from the PS3 version (albeit with a completely new interface), and now exclusively reveals how the iPhone 3G S is to receive an enhanced version of the game in a forthcoming App Store update.

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Abobo3399d ago

Does this mean more worms or faster worms

Hobgoblin3398d ago

I think it really means 'fancier worms'. The game will be the same, but the water will have dynamic reflections, and stuff like that.

Haggar3399d ago

You could say that they're Open GL-ing up a can of Worms. If you were an idiot. Which I am.

Hobgoblin3398d ago

Don't try to wriggle out of a bad joke like that!