Playing Call Of Duty On Your PS3 Could Be Dangerous, At Least If It's Made By Treyarch

ZKG writes "So about six months ago we did an article called "Is Call Of Duty Causing Disc Read Errors On The PS3". Please read that article first so you will have a frame of reference for what I am about to say. The reason I wrote the original article is because it happened to me, I was playing Call Of Duty: World At War when all of the sudden my PS3 freaked out and froze. At the time it was just an assumption, but recent information we have come across appears to validate this as fact."

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Pennywise3395d ago

COD3 was a console killer and I would expect the same from CoD5.

I still dont understand the appeal for WWII games. Personally, I am over it, so my PS3 is safe.

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Syronicus3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Kitty pron. Too much of that stuff will kill any PS3, mark my words.

taco_tom2373395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

this is the game that i was playing when my ps3 broke cod waw sucks lol

ThanatosDMC3395d ago

GTA4 is a console killer too. It froze my PS3 and then it the disk got stuck.

mastiffchild3395d ago

I missed the first article but I'm amazed by this. My original PS3 got DRE while playing WaW and at the time I put it down to the fact a few 60gigs were having the problem but now I'm not so sure as it does, looking back, seem like after playing WaW on and off for a week or two my system carked-and with the same issue with Sony saying the Blu-Ray set up needed sorting. I took a refurb at the time but never im,agined this could have been the cause.

If it does turn out to be true then it's very shoddy of Activision Blizzard AND Treyarch-imagine now how they compensate those who paid for repairs? Personally I just claimed on CP(which I took out when Sony were changing their policy of fixing out of warranty 60's for free so I'm not that bitter but if I'd shelled out £150 on it who knows?

FamilyGuy3395d ago

It would be more related to how much time someone spends playing the game. Maybe COD player game longer than others and it hurt their systems.

This is crazy news and could end in a law suit if it's proven...

stevenhiggster3395d ago

There can't be too much truth in this as some people on my friends list only ever play WaW and their PS3's are fine, and seriously they play it ALL the time, I'm pretty sure they have no other games!

But then again one of my friends did have his PS3 die on him while playing WaW so you never know.

perseus3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

For me, WWII games are better because they require a bit more FPS skill. At least they should. No lock-on missiles, just cannons. No IR goggles, just moonlight. No guided TOW, just bazookas. More simple, so for me, they're more fun. THat's why I'm so looking forward to BF1943. I get my WWII airplane fix again.

Of course, WaW is really easy to play. Too easy. It's boring.

solar3395d ago

ive had no i like the Zombie Mode. a mate and i have been having a blast with it.

velaxun3395d ago

sorry but in what way is 1.4 spam?

Name Last Name3395d ago

this actually pretty weird, my PS3 broke too while playing WaW

Maddens Raiders3395d ago

Treyarch needs to come out and refute these accusations line item by line item to save some face and avoid future doubts about their final product (one large one looming in particular). If not, they could find their rep spiraling down the fast end of the crapper.

Good read.

FunkyBunch3395d ago

@1.13 You're a little too trusting of online news sources. It is impossible for the code of a game to be so poorly written it breaks the actual physical limitations of the machine and causes it to fail.

You can not run so fast your legs will actually fall off, no matter how much your brain tells them to. Same goes with a Blu-ray drive. It doesn't matter how fast the game tells the Blu-ray to spin. If the game is telling the Blu-ray to spin at 2.5x and it's only a 2x drive, it's not going to magically be able to spin at 2.5x until it breaks.

jessehaysfl3395d ago

this guy is full of sh!t....some secret source claims treyarch's code spins discs too fast...........seriously...... ................seriously? dude.....

your a fu<king moron.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3394d ago

i got the WaW Platinum about a week after launch and I play Nazi Zombie almost everyday and my PS3's haven't gotten DRE. I'm actually on my 3rd PS3 cus I had to sell my 60g (needed money badly), my 40g broke after about 6 months (not DRE though) and now I have the 160g. I have quite a few friends who play

WaW all the time and they haven't had any problems. A few of them have the 60g, one of two have the 80g and a bunch of them have the 40g and I have the 160 so I don't think the problem has to do with the model of PS3. BTW I've notice that my 160g runs WAY cooler than my old 60 and 40gs did. I'll play for about 10 hours straight and it'll literally blow cool air out the back!

andron3394d ago

PS3s do break occasionally, like all electronic equipment.

And there is a higher chance people are playing CoD: WaW when it happens. The reason is obvious. It's one of the bestselling games and has an online mode that is frequently used...

ThanatosDMC3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Actually, i my PS3 did crap out thanks to GTA4 freeze fest. It completely froze after i left the multiplayer team deathmatch game. I bought it the day it came out and played it for a long long time.

I was extremely sad/worried/pissed off/etc. But Sony fixed everything.

Here's my forum complain:

A sony tech support name Tammy Smith told me they never heard of such a problem. I was like, "**bleep**?! A lot of people are complaining about it online someone else besides me should have called by now?"

Then i called Rockstar since Tammy said to complain to them since it's their software. (yes, GTA4 problem too) Some guy, who didnt seem to want his name given. (yeah, i know, **bleep**?!) Told me it's not the games fault but the PS3.

My PS3 has been working fine ever since i've gathered enough money on December 14, 2007. I didnt want the extended warranty since it's wasnt a failure console to worry about... besides it was more money i did not expect. Anyway, April the 30th i bought GTA4 and loved the single player and treasure the multiplayer. Had several freezes that i had to hold down the power button. It started during the first mission when i jumped a car on a ramp. Then it happened again on other occations. I thought it was acceptable since other people are experiencing it and it's such a great game that i forgive it. But after i tried mulitplayer online, it's greatness sored. But when i quit the game past 2am in the morning. It froze one the "quiting game" screen. I was like, **bleep**?! Then after i held down the power button and rebooted, no disks would work anymore. PS3 games, bluray movies, dvds, or PS2 games.

Games installed on the hard drive seems to work properly. My 80gig PS3 just cant seem to read any disks. I'm sad, frustrated, and angry.

$150 for something that's not my fault. **bleep** YOU!!!


Also, for those people that are thinking we're trolling. No we are not. It is real. We all love our PS3's after all. GTA4 > my girl b***ing at me right now. I'm really angry that their tech support are not helpful someone needs to address this problem properly. I want a free fix from rockstar or sony. I shelled out a lot of money for my PS3 and games.

PSN ID: ThanatosDMC
Message Edited by ThanatosDMC on 05-02-2008 12:55 PM

This was before the patches.

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ZombieAutopsy3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

CoD4 is the game that gave my buddys ps3 disc read errors and he had to send it in twice, as there is no way to know if it was the game or not its all he played.

LMAO looks like xbox fanboys are already tryin to approve this.

thatruth20063395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

In the article they say that it may happen in COD4 and Infinity Ward COD's but nowhere near as frequently. Also if you look at the top of the site, they only cover the PS3 so what do they have to gain by writing stuff about the PS3 if its not true. The article seems to be well written and not biased as far as I could tell.

ZombieAutopsy3395d ago

but on both the xbox and ps forums it was a MADHOUSE when this game was released with people saying it was killing their consoles (COD4 that is). It wasnt anywhere near as bad on the xbox forums but over the the playstation ones you would see people saying it did it all the time.

PS360PCROCKS3395d ago

Yeah zombie it's a conspiracy! This article is about COD WAW on PS3, not the PS3. Put down your tinfoil hat and get out of your basement. I also own 2 approvals because I've been on this site since like 2005/2006

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Stryfeno23395d ago

I don't have to worry...I play it on the 360. I also will play Modern Warfare 2 on the 360.

Pennywise3395d ago

I hope rrod is not nice to you.

cereal_killa3395d ago

He wouldn't even admit it if he got it anyways and I'm sure he's had it already but to proud of a 360 Muppet to say so.

evilmonkey5013395d ago

Thanks for showing all of us how you relate to this article.(sarcasm)
Now onto the article, I call this all bs. If you turn off your ps3 when your not using it, it can dramatically extend the life of your system.
Diodes go out in about .5% of all playstations. It just happens. Games don't cause it, diode makers who have crappy quality control make this happen. Send it in and Sony will repair it. If your system is out of warranty, it cost 120 dollars, shipping included.

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DlocDaBudSmoka3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

now cod4 situation. on my 60g cod4 would always tell me it was loading game settings for MP, and never went away. so i tried my copy on another ps3 and it worked fine. Here's the BS tho. i tried another copy of cod4 on my 60g and the same thing. downloading game settings. So i called sony told them my blu-ray laser died (it didnt), and got another ps3 sent to me.

*edit- im glad disagree-ers know what happens to my stuff.