EA Inside Blog - NBA LIVE 10 - LIVE is Back!

You'll be happy to hear that gameplay was at the top of that list and I am extremely happy to report that the game (even with 2 months of development left) is already playing better than any other NBA LIVE title. I've been saying that we're "fixing the cracks in the foundation of gameplay". That basically means we're focusing on fixing those controller throwing moments where the game does or doesn't do something that really frustrates you. We will also be offering you an unparalleled level of user control that will completely change the way that you play the game (not marketing speak here…). I'm also really excited about the level of authenticity and team differentiation that you'll see in the game this year. Again, like nothing seen in a basketball game to date. I'll let the experts break all of this down for you in the coming weeks as Mike Wang, Jeff Antwi and Novell Thomas will get into more detail on exactly what we've done and why.

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locos853493d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this game. After buying NBA 2k for like 4 years in a row, it's time for a change.

2k has offered nothing new in a while, and I liked what Live 09 did(but still needs work).

Blaze9293493d ago

I'll be buying LIVE 10 this year after buying the 2K games for the past few years. The 2K games need a change, especially visually. Having the same graphics in 2K10 as 2K6 is a joke.

Graphics3493d ago

2k didnt change anything in 4 years but 2ks game is better than live in every single aspect, graphics, gameplay, online, everything. so i dont understand what u r saying. in 2k9 2k made the game feel more alive with all the crowd noise and animations.. in live 09 its so quite the stadium feels dead which makes the game feel boring as hell, also the game live itself is boring.....

Gamer_Politics3493d ago

hope EA can really fix that broken franchise after all these years of fail..