Obama Honors Creator of Game That Helps Kids Cope with Cancer

At the White House yesterday, President Barack Obama lauded a California non-profit which publishes a PC game designed to help children and teens cope with cancer.

As reported by the San Mateo Daily Journal, Obama recognized HopeLab and its game Re-Mission as an example of the kind of social innovation that is worthy of support from both the public and private sectors. Praising the work of HopeLab and three other non-profits during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House..

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potenquatro4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Name one president in the history of the Americas that wasn't a puppet for special intrests. The excecutive-branch = burocratic-branch. They're suppose to be puppets. It's in they're job description. Why do you think they're other goverment branches to counter-weight? Even when a socialist president imposes goverment over private civil enterprise. He is being a "puppet" for the intrests of a portion of the country,to rule over the whole population.