Gaming While You Go

Bitmob Writes: "Last week I flew from San Francisco to Orange County for my sister's high school graduation. Per usual, I arrived at SFO an hour and a half early (it's less stressful that way), and with my extra time I decided to take care of some, um, pressing business in the men's restroom.

As I sat there contemplating the tile pattern on the floor of my stall, I had the urge to pull my iPod Touch out of my pocket and squeeze in a quick game of Peggle. You see, I never got around to playing the PC version, so iPod Peggle has been a fresh experience for me -- and wow, everything I've heard about it is true: It really is digital crack. I had spent the previous evening blasting through Adventure mode, getting all the way to the final Master Levels before being stumped by Stage 11-3 -- otherwise known as that-insanely-difficult-one-with-two-warps-and-a-spaceship. I tried and retried that stage for at least half an hour before grumpily tossing the iPod on the couch and calling it a night."

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