GRTV: ModNation Racers demonstration - part 2

In the second part of the ModNation Racers presentation Technical Director James Grieve creates a course from scratch and tries it out.

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Gue13449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

When I first watched the presentation of this game on E3 I was like: "meh, this looks like a poor Mario Kart clone for the casuals. What a waste of time for Sony..."

But then I found about the terrain deformation and the tools to create your own tracks and then all the perspective changed. This game looked so awesome that I couldn't believe it. The ease of how fast one can create an amazing track is simply incredible.

Now just add the Sony Motion Controller and we have a killer casual game here. It has so much depth it goes beyond any Wii casual game anyway, plus, it is on HD and it'll probably have an online component too that will not require a tedious friend code. Nintendo should watch and learn for once and stop thinking on making games that play itself like Mario Galaxy 2.

BTW not joking about the MG2 beating itself. I mean it literally. =)

ChozenWoan3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )


SoapShoes3449d ago

Now I'm interested in this game. I like how simplistic the design tools are and the terrain deformation is like on Sim City 4 almost.

Ravage273449d ago

the way you alter the angle of the sun to create the time setting seems incredibly cool :)

mxdan3449d ago

I'm actually impressed with this game. Almost as much as littlebigplanet in fact. Well, I wouldn't go that far but this game certainly is one of those with a huge potential. They just need to market it more and give it more of a unique ascetic that was akin to LBP.

LiquifiedArt3449d ago

I am very excited about this game..

I see two things...

249$ Playstation 3 Bundle Including MOD Nation Racers and LittleBigPlanet. Christmas 2010. Add kid marketing and you have a winner.