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"Every now and then there are always a handful of sports titles that aren't artificial enough to be slapped on by the last-two-digits-of-the-current-year EA sticker where the lack of direction and ever-so-present limitations in time tend to be self evident in its final product. Avoiding the 'churn every year' two-step dance EA Sports have done with the likes of FIFA, NBA Live and Madden, the Fight Night franchise has enjoyed a prosperous life thanks to its sporadic release runs. Round 3 was in every sense a knockout back in 2006 when it glistened with next-gen visuals and intuitive controls; a surprise comparable to that of Tyson's ear-chomping foray 10 years before considering EA's track record. Almost 3 years after the release of its critically acclaimed big brother, it is indeed safe to say that Fight Night Round 4 has excelled in almost all of the areas that were unrealised by its older siblings. To say that the visuals in Round 4 are stunning would be an understatement. From the painstakingly detailed character models, the thick brooding bustle of the venues to the top-tiered trademark polish in presentation present in every EA game; the fourth iteration of this boxing franchise is one hell of a looker. As an individual title amongst its peers, Round 4 seems to visually trump even the most anticipated games on the platform."

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Valkyrie833397d ago

I have to agree with this review 100%, the game is so much fun and the graphics will knock most people's socks off.....well done EA, well done!

UltimaEnder3397d ago

I have only played it on the Xbox 360 and love it but I was curious if it looks as good or better on the Playstation 3, anyone out there played it on both consoles?

Either way I thought the game was great and any boxing/fighting fans should check it out ASAP....nice review!

jFND903397d ago

They're both great lookers regardless of which console you buy it for, there will always be comparisons but the bottom line is still the same; the game is visually great.

xbox360achievements3397d ago

lol Wow, Eric, has it come to this? Commenting on your own reviews with two accounts? =P

UltimaEnder3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )


I guess you should have actually looked at the review before making such a ridiculous comment, I did not write the review for this game and thus was just commenting my opinion on the reviewers thoughts and scores, next time look at what your writing before posting and worry about your own stuff before involving yourself in others, making you look a bit ridiculous at the same time......

Also the "second account" that you speak of is my roommate's account and he posts from a completely different computer than this main one, nice try at knocking someone else down though!

PotNoodle3397d ago

The comparison's shown that they were pretty much identicle, i bought it on PS3 instead of 360 and i'm loving it too, agree with your review.

UltimaEnder3397d ago

That's what I was thinking but wanted to hear it first hand from someone who had played the game on the PS3, thanks!

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jFND903397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Eric didn't review the game.

xbox360achievements3397d ago

I'd offer you a spade but you're doing a fine job yourself.

PepperJack3397d ago

hey xbox360achievementwhore maybe you should stick to boosting your gamerscore and not post comments on here trying to look cool.

great review

hoplo3397d ago

don't listen to one else does either.

Great review though. One of the best looking games i've seen. IMHO.