IncGamers: Let's Tap Review [Wii]

IncGamers' James Chalmers finds out just how much fun you can have with a Wiimote and a cardboard box.

From the review:

If the title of the game hadn't given it away already, you play Let's Tap by putting your Wii Remote face down on a cardboard box and then tap away. I didn't realise the Wii Remote was so sensitive but, from playing the various game modes, it seems even the lightest of touches registers in the game.

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thetamer3395d ago

I'm going to destroy that box...

Leord3395d ago

Even weird games work on the Wii :)

Fyzzu3395d ago

I remain intrigued by this. Seems like the sort of thing that could be a laugh with a few friends, or the parents.

Maticus3395d ago

Shame it's quite short, looks fun.