Bend Over, Britain, Here's Your DJ Hero Pricing

UK retailer ShopTo has told, from Activision themselves, Eurogamer that DJ Hero carries a suggested retail price of GBP 107.99 (approximately $177).

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tonsoffun3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

And this raping is coming form the company that threatened to stop developing for the PS3?

Good on ya activision.... you've just ensured that DJ hero won't be a huge success over here.......

At least with the £120 rockband/Guitar Hero packs, multiple peeps could play....

FamilyGuy3398d ago

Activision was on Sony about pricing because they knew they'd be charging a lot for this and that this + the "high price" of the PS3 = bad sales.

Sony should be mad at them, that's the price of a psp. At least with rock band or GH world tour you got a whole set of instruments.

shocky163398d ago

Xbox 360 arcade units are £130 here.. LOL @ people who buy this.

badz1493398d ago

after ranting about the price of the PS3, they come out with this?? nice job activision! I hope, not only this game, but your whole company will FLOP HARD!

IdleLeeSiuLung3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

It seems most people here forget to take into account:

- higher sales tax in Europe (Norway has a whopping 25% sales tax)
- higher taxes on income/profit
- higher wages
- potentially higher cost due to mandatory warranty
- localization costs (doesn't really apply to this game though or region)
- local customer support costs

All these things factor into a higher cost. For instance an increase from $100 to $200 (100% increase), means that $50 goes to sales tax alone. Mind you that in California sales tax is anywhere from 8-10%. Now from the $150 start factoring in higher taxes on profits, higher retailer cut due to employee costs and taxes, local customer service supports and etc... suddenly that cost isn't really that much of a rip-off. If you have an issue with the cost I suggest you take it to your government and demand lower taxes.

Looking at a dollar to pound value isn't going to cut it when the cost of living is different in different regions. UK is one of the most expensive places to live in next to probably Norway and Japan.

mastiffchild3398d ago

Differing tax laws don't cut it here-we're talking about the UK in any case. A country where we now have shopping tourists buying up electronics among other things so if these companies/shops/retailers feel the need to discount their stock in the UK(allied to a weaker pound Vs Euro or Dollar)to het sales just why do Acyivision think it's OK to rip us off further?

Jeezus! On top of that VAT in the UK is back down to 12% and it costs no more to get from China to the UK than to the States-there's ZERO reason for the price discrepency other than pure greed. I'm sick of firms hiding behind tax excuses that come nowhere near to covering these things.

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Menchi3399d ago

And this horrid company are the people talking about HIGH prices?

What on earth do this company think they are?

MGOelite3399d ago

lol wtf, activisions have suddenly become ignorant [email protected] in the space of 6 months

PirateThom3399d ago


Activision have been slowly usurping EA's position as worst major publisher. Their games are, mostly, terrible. If it wasn't for Call of Duty, they'd just be irrelevent in every way.

butterfinger3398d ago

has really been making strides in a better direction while Activision has been falling fast out of favor with gamers. At least EA has been helping to put out original and innovative IP like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge among others. Activision is also making the delay for Brutal Legend worse as we speak.

rickyjb233399d ago

what a load of s*it that much for a bit of plastic and a few buttons

Johnny Rotten3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Up next... the Tony Hawk board, have fun with that summer job kiddies! lol

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