Samsung to Support HD-DVD

Samsung Electronics announced over the weekend that the company plans to begin hardware support for HD-DVD. Samsung has previously been an exclusive supporter of the Blu-ray format of next-generation DVD. Despite Blu-ray's recent months of sales superiority in the USA over the rival HD-DVD format, Samsung aims to combat consumer confusion over the battling formats by offering a hardware solution that will play both. Currently, LG's BH1000 Super Multi Blu is the only dual-format hardware on the market.

Samsung is also not ruling out single format HD-DVD drives, and may begin marketing such a solution "whenever consumers demand it." As quoted by Reuters, Craig Kornblau, a longtime HD-DVD supporter and president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, greeted the news by stating, "[Samsung's announcement] is an acknowledgement of the tremendous value that HD-DVD brings to the early adopter of high-definition-packaged media."

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FeralPhoenix4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

-but why support HD DVD at all "IF" the war is over, as we have been told by the Blu-ray camp?....

Well the only HD movie I own is the one that came with my PS3 (Talladega Nights) and I don't plan on buying either until this whole "war" is over or one of them becomes very cheap, then I might be persuaded to begin upgrading/adding to my "huge" DVD collection. -unfortunately I'm not convinced either format will ever be dominant without a compromise and if that doesn't happen soon some other tech just might end up taking over before the war is ever decided.

xbox360migs4298d ago

Very interesting, HD DVD top 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 since the weekend, It's funny how things sway so quickly. Format war over? I think not!

nstott4298d ago

I'm not talking about hd-blu discs. I'll only buy discs that have dvd on one side and hd or blu on the other. I have dvd players in my car on my laptops and just about everywhere else. I have one hd-dvd player. I am in no hurry to replace those and watching hd movies on a small screen is pointless, so I don't see dvd ever going away. The majority of hd-dvd movies I am getting now have dvd on one side and hd on the other. I know blu-ray can does this as well, but are they?

Black Republican4298d ago

this is bad news for BLU-Ray

the longer HD DVD stays alive as we can see by this movoe
the more support it will get

xfrgtr4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

HD-DVD buyers seem to have started the celebration of their 1st aniversary of existence by buying every amazon HD-DVD they can muster the troops to buy.HD-DVD will have been in the lead for 1 day in all categories.In order to be consistently equal to BD sales HDDVD would have to do half of what they did sales wise on April 15th every day for the next 3 months in a row.I really feel sorry for them ,in another day HDDVD WILL be back to where they were April 14th
Another proof that hddvd is dead:
And check amazon to see how hddvd is falling again after the anniversary celebration.
Samsung going hybrid is very good news for bluray since it has more support, more movies are coming and more bluray sales,GREAT NEWS FOR BLURAY
You can see the spike I told you on april 15 for the anniversary of hddvd (
and you can see how its falling again:
Bluray is ouselling hddvd,and the ps3 is the hddvd killer,check Nielsen numbers if you want proof,bluray is outselling hddvd since december
and in europe hddvd is literally dead:
5.1 Phyba Optikz youre talking about something else,we are talking about MOVIES SALES,not players sale,MOVIES STUDIOS dont make money on players but on MOVIES they sale and they are the one that will be the decisive factor in this war,RIGHT NOW bluray(movies sale is outselling hddvd since december)Check my links for proof,it seems you are confusing players and movies sales,more support for bluray,more movies for bluray ,you are very funny you don't even know what youre talking about

Phyba Optikz4298d ago

if you think HD DVD is losing, ps3 caused a spike in blu ray sales. if they compare stand alone players side by side, sale by sale, you will see a huge difference that shows HD DVD is crushing blu ray. ps3 sold 3-4 million, so of course they will say that many blu ray players are out there. but you and i both know that not everybody that has a ps3 uses blu ray. everyone that buys a hd dvd players does.

analyst ned to stop counting the ps3 as a blu ray player and only count the numbers of stand alone players because that is the only way to get definitive and accurate numbers of uses what format.

Right now, blu ray numbers are way inflated with the sales of PS3.

its like comparing gm cars with XM radio, you can easily say that with that, XM is selling alot more than sirius, but if you see what units are selling by them selves, the story changes.

Phyba Optikz4297d ago

movie studios make money off movies, yes, but they need players in homes to do so. oil companies can't sell gas if cars are not bought by consumers. what i am saying is that the ps3 spiked all blu ray sales, not just players. i was referring to movies as well. the hype of the ps3 died down and guess what, HD DVD is now out selling blu ray again movie wise and the price of the HD DVD player makes it more affordable for the consumer. the people bought ps3, got excited and bought a few blu ray titles, then it stopped. it has been slowing down since december, look at the charts on HD DVD has been consistent with one slow month.

all i know is that blu ray is not the product of the future, HD DVD might not be either. but HD DVD is a far superior product when picture quality and features come to mind.

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