DXG-589V Digi-Cam / Portable Gaming Device

DXG USA has premiered an interesting amalgam of what are generally individual gadgets in the new DXG-589V. The relatively familiar features of the digi-cam include a 5-megapixel camera capable of capturing MPEG-4 video in 640 x 480 and JPEG stills up to the equivalent of 10-megapixels via interpolation.

Unique to the $199 DXG-589V, however, are its integrated video game controls and 20 built-in games. The collection of 2D and 3D titles apparently include no licensed retro-hits, but may offer some short term entertainment for low-end paparazzi while they kill time waiting for another Britney incident.

The DXG-589V is also able to capture video directly from its video inputs, allowing recording of TV, DVD, or other sources onto SD cards. The unit can also playback MP3s if the gaming and video playback capabilities become a bore. The DXG-589V should be appearing at major retailers immediately for $199.

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