First FIFA 10 Trailer

EA have just released a teaser to the highly anticipated FIFA 10, the trailer contains actual gameplay footage, none of this CG cut scenes thank you. Have a look yourself and see what you think.

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Batusai3396d ago

WOAH!!! The video says that is "ingame footage"... Incredible!!

Chubear3395d ago

Same sh*t, different year.

lociefer3395d ago

as always its not about graphics its about gameplay , and i think pes wins in that division

Bnet3433395d ago

Huh? And what happened to PES? Didn't soccer fans say PES was best? So now FIFA is best? Well, I never liked soccer games, but I like playing it. I liked Sega Soccer Slam! :)

Isis063395d ago

That's just a mater of taste...
I'm more of the FIFA type, and u like PEZ : P

Bought '08, not buying a new one,
don't think it has changed that much in 2.years.

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HBK6193396d ago

I don't think it's THAT special.

The animations look a little cleaner but overall just a tiny step up from last years.

Would've personally liked something a little more dynamic and brilliant. Was a little bit plain TBCH.

red2tango3396d ago

I didn't buy 09, so I'll buy this instead...

Sano643395d ago

I have not bought a soccer(football) game in a long time so im keeping my fingers crossed that this is the year someone gets it right

Mozilla893395d ago

Fifa 09 this year was really good, I think it was definitely worth the money, but if you don't have it now, just wait for the next set of games.

badz1493395d ago

and definitely going to get this one!

pianplay3395d ago

I used to be a HUUUUUGEEE pes fan. Then i bought the 09 version and i have to admit it felt really stale:/

This year i'm switching over to FIFA!:D

Baka-akaB3395d ago

well turns out you might be switching the very year PES is actually changing .

2010 is the much rumored total rehaul of the franchise . We do not now yet , despire the PR details how good it will actually turns out to be , but at least this year it's very obvious that PES wont be graphically poor compared to Fifa .

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