GamePro Slammed By Angry Gamers Over The Conduit Review

Media outlets have a new reason to fear the ire of angry Nintendo fanboys, and this time it's not related to Mario, Zelda, or any other Nintendo properties. Rather, the problem stems from certain inaccuracies, or shall we say, disagreements that gaming publication GamePro posted in its recent review of the Wii's blockbuster FPS title, The Conduit. And it essentially has little to do with the score.

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RedPawn3401d ago

Who cares, people act like these scores are the Scarlet Letter branding.

Syronicus3401d ago

These scores are just one person's opinion and not that of your own. Play the game and make a decision by yourself. I played the game and to be honest it is a solid 6. Controls are wonky and the story is flat. Graphics are as good as the Wii gets and the games reply value is low. It's playable but not memorable.

That is MHO, not anybody else's. make your own call and be happy.

mastiffchild3401d ago

I realise it's your opinion Syronicus and that's, obviously , fine. Thing is I don't get how you find the controls "wonky" when they're completel;y mappable and adjustable from deadzone and turning to running speed. In fact they're about the only thing the reviews have universally praised.

You can't be wrong, as it is your opinion but I do find it an odd criticism. What did you find about them that was so weak? I haven't played the finished game yet(I'm in England which always explains things like that!)but when I played an early build last summer I didn't find any control difficylties at all-even the defaults werent' too bad so I'm jus interested to find out if they missed smething that you've spotted and I didn't.

EvilTwin3401d ago

mastiffchild -- Agreed. The controls are completely customizable. If they're wonky, adjust them.

The art style of Conduit isn't inspiring, and the online is adequate (not particularly great, although bounty hunter is good fun). But the controls are as good -- or bad -- as you make 'em.

Anon19743401d ago

When I buy a game, I don't want to have to tweak the controls right off the bat because they're crap. That's a hallmark of a terrible game. Customizing controls should be used for fine-tuning, not fixing.

I haven't played the Conduit, so I can't say if they're right or wrong in that respect, but just in general if there's something wrong with the controls, I'm not going to fiddle with them. I'm going to play something else. It's a competitive market.

EvilTwin3401d ago

darkride66 -- PC shooters have had nearly-fully customizable controls for a good long while, and most console shooters have at least given the options of switching around different actions to different buttons. I fail to see how having the most customizable controls of any console shooter ever created is a bad thing. Plus, there are presets.

I tried all the control options in Prime 3 before really digging into the game. Maybe you and I are just different that way.

SinnedNogara3400d ago

@ darkride66

Really, I felt the default controls great. I still use them.

ButterToast3400d ago

i don't know about you, but I adjust the controls in almost every FPS game I play; sensitivity and button mapping (if available).

Smacktard3400d ago

Uhh, if you guys knew anything, you'd know that it's not the score people are upset with. The score is fine. It's just the stupid inapplicable comments the author of the review made. The Conduit received many 7s but no fuss was kicked up about them.

Anon19743400d ago

Evil Twin has a point about PC controls I'd never considered. I always change up the buttons on a PC shooter first chance I get and never thing anything of it. And when I play shooters on the console, I have to admit the sensitivity is the first thing I tweak. I have to say though, in all the years, all the console FPS's I've played, I've never once felt the need to change the button layout.

ChickeyCantor3400d ago

: When I buy a game, I don't want to have to tweak the controls right off the bat because they're crap. That's a hallmark of a terrible game. Customizing controls should be used for fine-tuning, not fixing. :

Biggest BS i have ever heard.
The reason one might think the standard setting sucks is because of personal taste. When you don't have this option you just adapt to it. When you do have the option you will mostly, in anycase, adjust the parameters.

Its not "fixing", its adjusting to your own taste and feel.

We know its there so we don't have to adapt to the standard settings, this doesn't mean its broken.

Product3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Darkside it's not called a "problem" if you change controls around. Thats like getting in a car and the seat not being perfectly situated and getting mad that it's the default setting. When games don't let you customize settings that's where there is a problem.

KILL-ALL-CURE3400d ago

First of all who the hell wants to play a FPS on the Wiimote, and second of all, Wii=Utter crap.

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3401d ago

So why not slam Edge instead? Not like I disagree with Edge but if the Nintendo fanboys feel like slamming someone, then Edge should be their target. Gamepro is impartial.

San Frandisco3401d ago

i would think cuz edge isnt credible enuf.. they are sooooo fvckin low on the gamers chain that no one bothers... but game pro on the other hand is a big site,magazine and alot of ppl look up to their reviews for help.

its like if IGN gave killzone 2 a 3.5/10 and EDGE a 2/10... who are ps3 owners gunna be running to with fury first?
IGN of course cuz its expected from EDGE.

KarateExplosion3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I think edge will be the first company to rate a game 0.
People have to remember that out of the billions of people in this world not everyone is gonna feel the same about a game. I mean look at Dark. He said the game should come with good controls already... Maybe that is how the rater felt too.

N4g_null3400d ago

Ahhh ZuperAmazingCooKie man that sucks edge and game pro gave it low scores man does that suck because I already bought the game and it's a blast. Now I'm going to have to take it back and come to N4gs and complain about being tricked by good reviews!

Thanks ZuperAmazingCooKie for point this out and making this review way more influential to my purchasing needs. Also please feel free to send me PMs about any other games or systems that I should not like because you don't like them.

I mean seriously what is your point? You don't like it? What you don't want people to buy it? What is it? I would really like to know? Because other wise you are being a troll along with darkrider and the others.

It ok for you not to like it but showing up in more than one time to tell us your opinion as if you are right because a magazine agrees with you? Did you see me in red faction, killzone, nope because that would be lame.

You are going to do what you want yet I just wanted to bring that to your attention that you are being lame. Also they have given lots of games low scores and I actually respect their opinion on certain things and this is not one of them. Just because they don't like it does not mean most people won't.

Edge is very hard on graphics and game play and innovation.... if you want a good score from them you need to be big in two of those things head and shoulders while every one gives out perfect scores like candy.

The conduit is different enough to be rated higher than this but edge has a clear path they want to see games take and the conduit is not on that path but they are making a totally different one. Maybe they will see what is happening when The Grinder hits.

Rowsdower3401d ago

just because both game reviewers and gamers can see their words in print does not mean that they have equal weight.

its all opinion, but fake controversies like this one are great for comment section fighting.

I really liked Bionic Commando, but it got mediocre reviews and no one purchased it. Should run screaming into every gamestop (actually that sounds fun) yelling at gamers to buy the game just because its awesome in my opinion?

The worst part of gaming culture are the vocal minority of gamers who have nothing better to do than [email protected] and moan in comment sections.

aftrdark213401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

LOL. Now that's funny. Have a bubble for the laugh.

And I do agree. People need to play games. Not everyone has the same taste.

manwich253401d ago

high voltage got what they deserved

Panthers3401d ago

Yup. Just because a game is hyped, doesnt mean it deserves good reviews. When gamers do this, they are begging for fake reviews by scared magazines who dont want to hurt their fans feelings.

N4g_null3400d ago

Yep they finally got a game that is actually making them some fans and they have more on the way. Also I'm sure they see this as a challenge from edge and they will be calling them also if they haven't already spoken to them about the review.

Also i hear they got a good deal from sega to pub the game so they got exactly what they deserved and sega is finally seeing a better selling game so they got what they wanted also.

They can do it! by the way the games is pretty fun.

ChickeyCantor3400d ago

Did you even read the article, it even states what was wrong with the review. IF this is a "real" review, how come the reviewer gave false information? He was ignorant on how the games mechanism worked.
Seriously, there is more to than just "angry" fanboys.

DailyAddict3401d ago

There are definitely people complaining about the score, which should just be ignored in all cases, but there are also those that are complaining that the guy obviously didn't just play the game - which in turn affected his score. This reminds me of GameDaily's MGS4 review by the dumbass Chris Buffa. He got a lot of backlash for his review and while a lot of people did complain at the low score, the majority were just pointing out that in his review, you could tell he didn't even actually play the game by making such statements along the lines of the game being stupid because you have Octocamo suit but nothing for your face (you get the facemask at the end of the very first chapter, which is pretty sure first chapter). And then he got all defensive about it saying people were whining about the score when it was actually just that he didn't even play the game properly.

Some people it's a moral issue. You go to sites because you trust their opinion so when they just lie to you because they didn't do their job, that's a bit insulting.

N4g_null3400d ago

I don't think Wii owners trust any of these guys any more... we've been around the block a few times. The best review is you playing it.

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