How video games brought me back to Michael Jackson's music

Examiner writes: "I can't tell if it's a little morbid or uplifting, but a lot of people were talking about how Michael Jackson's death was going to create a huge demand for his music. Whether it be digital or retail, people were going to flock to stores in an attempt to discover, or in the case of those who grew up in the 80s, rediscover The King of Pop's vast catalog.

In my case, this will be the fourth time in my life that Michael Jackson is back in heavy rotation. Well, at least more so than usual, as people honking at me while I was blasting "Rock With You" down the freeway can attest to. But the first three retro-Jackson kicks began because of video games."

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xdye0173399d ago

GTA: Vice City made my interest in Michael Jackson's music. I remember 2 soundtracks which I really liked.