Actually, China Didn't Ban Gold Farming

A closer look at China's legislation on the trade of virtual money reveals that 'gold farming' as we know it will, in fact, not be affected.

Contrary to reports earlier this week, the new rules state that virtual money may not be used to buy real goods, which is the opposite of a ban on gold selling.

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Leord3486d ago


Was too good to be true.

Maticus3486d ago

China wouldn't damage one if its major industries, surely.

Leord3486d ago

It's hardly a major industry in China. I mean compare to making led-painted dolls and all that, I think gold selling is probably minimal. Total global market is less than 20 million people, including Chinese, who are not paying as much for gold as we are.

However, compared to the American gold farming industry, it's massive :P

As is their hacking of wow accounts and credit cards.

Dorjan3486d ago

Well, that was a big mistake then... d'oh!

thetamer3486d ago

It's a shame, but I don't know if it would much of a difference

Malfurion3486d ago

Gold farmers would still be around regardless.