Uncensored Monster Hunter Freedom Unite TV Spot

PushSquare: "Capcom's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite onslaught continues with this TV ad. It depicts something that's happened to pretty much all of us on the walk home from walk/school. You discover a giant footprint on a grass verge and curiously stop to investigate, only to end up standing face to face with a giant thing.

It's happened to us twice already this week. It's only Wednesday!"


* Type on "work/school". Many apologies.

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Myst3492d ago

"...standing face to face with a giant thing."
It's the Rathian.

Anyway I didn't know to much of a difference in this commercial over the one I saw last night,I just hope more people will pick up the game.

Tapewurm3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I grabbed the game on launch day and love it..... extremely deep and fun... wish they would make a ps3 version already :)
The official webpage that is like a strat guide here (very helpful):


a few reviews here:

Myst3492d ago

Thanks forgot about that guide, grabbed my copy two days after it released had to wait for pay day. Wish their was such a thing (that guide) when I had first started playing, now I'm soloing the Akantor with the true devil slicer. :/

zootang3492d ago

UK advert. I've seen it all week in between the Euro under 21 championship. I like it

Kurisu3492d ago

I see this advert quite a lot on TV. I downloaded the demo of this game, and it seems really slow. And...hard. I keep dying.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

It just keeps getting harder the higher you go but you get better armor and weapons. Best played with friends.

peeps3492d ago

Uncesored lol what do they censore in the other version?? lol

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

There's a ton more blood in the Japanese version which is actually helpful to know where to attack an enemy. More blood = weakpoint.

Kurisu3492d ago

Haha peeps, that's what I was thinking. This is exactly the same as the one shown on TV.

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