Playstation used to read X-rays

GRONINGEN (Netherlands) - The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is investigating the possibilities of the PlayStation 3 to promote reading and reviewing X-rays.

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theonlylolking5493d ago

this is very suprising I hope it gets more apporvals.

JL5493d ago

lol This beast of a machine can do everything can't it

rockleex5493d ago (Edited 5493d ago )

PS3 can only read X-rays at half the resolution of the 360 version.

Because of that, Sony ends up giving 85 billion gamers the finger.

PS3 doomed? O_O

Ahah, just joking.

Anyways, certain hospitals have been using PS3s to analyze CAT scans, etc. It seems that they're even using PS3s to read X-rays now. ^_^

LarVanian5493d ago

Lol it can
-play games
-play blu-ray dvds
-run the internet
-cure cancer
-read x-rays
Soon it'll be reading minds lol

5493d ago
Johnny Rotten5493d ago

don't forget that it's helping to study black holes!

ShabzS5493d ago

dude if ur watching porn in hd.. well thats good for you and all ... but come on ... TMI, TMI, too much info

Nikkelz5493d ago

PS3=saving the world one spu at a time

peace and game on

ShabzS5493d ago

woah... talk about multi tasking ... nice