Rumour: Full PS3 backwards compatibility only weeks away

Gamezine: As Sony's backwards compatibility patents make the rounds, a German website has supposedly gained comment from a Sony employee.

We were quick to point out that the unearthed Sony patents for the emulation of the PS2's CPU (Emotion Engine) on the PlayStation 3 did not imply full backwards compatibility. This was for the simple fact that the PS3 had already been software emulating the Emotion Engine since early-2007 when it was ripped out of European PS3s.

However, the fact remained that the patent was filed in December 2008 with a publication date of only last week.

This brings us to the German website Demon News, which claims to have gained comment from a Sony employee.

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evrfighter3399d ago

this and a $250 price tag would = my first console since ps1.

(my ps2 belonged to my wife)

Livenow3399d ago

That's a really low amount. 299.99 if you non-PS3 owners are lucky. At 250.00 it's a steal.

techie3399d ago

And I quote: "Pinch of salt people, big pinch of frickin' salt."

darthv723399d ago

Will this have any bearing on those who have partial bc? I have an 80gb motorstom unit and can play every PS2 game in my collection pretty good. Dont really notice any improvements from the reg ps2.

Although, I will say I have to play the GoW games on the ps2 because of how the ps3 and these games do widescreen. For some reason if I try to enable widescreen in GoW or GoW2 through the ps3 it comes out all funky looking. If I play in widescreen on the ps2 it looks fine. And ps3 is set to use widescreen.

If this is being released with the potential to bring ps2 games to psn.....will those games play on the psp as well? Anyone got info on that?????

InfectedDK3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Even though, long back I gave the double for a PS3 with 60gb, I hope this is true! So all PS3 owners can enjoy PS2 games on their system as well.

evrfighter3399d ago

ya $250...Why would I pay $300?

Im a an FPS gamer. Why would I pay $300 for a console I won't even be playing everyday. I don't spend more than a few days on singleplayer games. kz2 looks like cod4-lite with better graphics, mag looks like the 4 year old pc title bf2...256 players really means nothing. If you've played planetside you know what I mean.

No console no matter what the price will ever replace my pc. Both consoles would never satisfy my fps needs and that is why I don't own neither.

ThanatosDMC3399d ago

FF12... i stopped playing that game cuz of cheap ass enemies... that or i suck.

locos853399d ago

The only reason I want B/C is to play FF12. that and FFX-2 are the only FF games i never played.

JBaby3433399d ago

But this is good news for everyone that dragged their feet on the 60 gig models.

uie4rhig3399d ago

Emotion Engine has been emulated since the PS3 EU 60GB version.. yet again, what is the fuz about? at most it is a patent of technology they already have.. if this was emulation of the Graphics Synthesizer, we would be talking, but this is the emotion engine, which is already emulated in the 60GB EU version and the 80GB US version!


FamilyGuy3399d ago

My only interest in this is that if it's true we might we download-able PS2 games on the Playstation Store. It would be awesome to not have to search bargain bins for old games and be able to share them with friends without worrying about scratches.

BattleAxe3399d ago

This would actually be new, the original PS3s(60gig, 20gig) had the full PS2 Emotion Chipset. To cut costs Sony took out some of the pieces of that chipset(80gig Motorstorm PS3) and added software emulation to fill in the blanks.

Now there is no PS2 hardware( Emotion chipset pieces)at all in any of the newer PS3s(40gig, 80gig, 160gig). So in order to allow people to play PS2 games now they have to used 100% software emulation which would come possibly through a system update.

Thats what the big deal is all about.

Marcelles253399d ago

the PS3 has the PS2's graphical synthesizer in EVERY model so the ps3 has been able to emulate the ps2 since 2007
thats what hes saying

and all those who thinks this is a big deal should have been sony fans from the start and got an original 60g

SRU96003399d ago

This would be very cool, but I will believe it when I see it.

Allelujah003399d ago

Playstation is no longer labeled as a "Console" they are now refering to it as a "Computer entertainment System." Those are stron words. It just stated that it okays the role of a Computer(internet, and typing capabilities), media hub(Music streaming, Blu-ray Player, Photo sharing), Networking(Free Playstation network including PS Home, Life with Playstation, and the PS Store), and lastly a Console(AAA games).

Now when someone wants to buy a blu ray player it's around 229.99, plus say the average of a console is around 209.99(please note you are past 400 bucks already) then buying a media hub is around 199.99, then free wi-fi enabled system 59.99.

When you think about it like that the PS3 should be priced at a generous $669.99. Getting it for 300 IS A STEAL. PERIOD!

evrfighter3399d ago

"When you think about it like that the PS3 should be priced at a generous $669.99"

LOL Sony would have cut the gaming division a long time ago if they went about it the way you just did.

Anon19743399d ago

I already have a 60 GB PS3, and it's only ever seen one PS2 game in it, God of War 2. Still, I'll never claim about Sony putting new features in their products.

mfwahwah3399d ago


Woah woah woah. I'm a diehard Sony fan. I don't have a 60gb because I couldn't afford a 60gb. Ya dig me?

MNicholas3398d ago

Very unlikely. The trouble is emulating the PS2's graphics synthesizer and it's massively multipass rendering. If they can emulate that on the Cell then expect PS3 graphics to improve even further since Cell would be able to add all kinds of alpha effects.

Theoretically anything is possible with clever enough programming but it's just unlikely.

uie4rhig3398d ago

not precisely.. the Emotion Engine (PS2's CPU) and the Graphics Synthesizer (PS2's GPU) was included in the ORIGINAL US and Japan launch 60GB version, by the time the 60GB came to the EU, they removed the Emotion Engine from the EU 60GB version, they left the Graphics Synthesizer in that model. The Emotion Engine was left to be software emulated, which meant that, while many PS2 games could be played on the PS3, there were a few that didn't work at all and some that played a bit jerky. They did the same with the US 80 GB that came shortly after the EU 60GB launch SKU. Now both these models have been discontinued and all SKU's were left without either Graphics Synthesizer or Emotion Engine.
it is exactly what MNicholas (above) said. It is highly unlikely without clever programming cause fact is, emulating a GPU is harder than emulating a CPU.

now my point is that the Emotion Engine has been emulated in the EU 60GB version and US 80GB version (not sure which version in japan). yet again, that patent is NOTHING new, the most that it is, is that it is a patent that has been filed of current technology and not forthcoming technology!

FragMnTagM3398d ago

Well what games work then? I have the 40gb Spiderman 3 bundle and that one does not play PS2 games. I have tried GOW, GTA, and a few others and could not get any of them to play.

Am I missing something here?

Marcelles253398d ago

.......ya kinda

but any way i dont care about backwards compatibility its nice to have but i hardly use any of my ps2 games except GOD OF WAR

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Gorgon3399d ago There have been something like 4 Sony patents during the last three years regarding EE emulation. More, there haven't been a single one refering to RS emulation. Siliconera couldn't even distinguish between EE and RS chips in their article. So much for quality journalism.

It would be great if true, but this "Sony insider" is almost certainly BS.

JockamoTwo3399d ago

...i just hope they can at least pull off backwards compatibility...

Pennywise3399d ago

Funny... I put a PS2 game in my 60gig PS3 and it looks better than it does on a PS2. To me, thats upscaling... but I'm sure for a person like you that will have one bubble in 3 days on your 10th account... its not.

Livenow3399d ago

the early adopters got full backwards compatibility. I think some of the 80gbs do limited bc. With PSN showing Sony that they can make money off of old games, I guess they're going to give us BC so we can purchase some PS2 games.

I would buy Ico in a heartbeat.

deeznuts3399d ago

I've got the original PS3, and have full BC. But only games I played were GOW since those were made recent enough to look decent. Everything else really looks like shat.

JockamoTwo3399d ago

...that they cannot buy a 60 GB PS3.

Why do you guys use that as an argument? Sony discontinued that version.

It only serves to make you look like a douchebag for rubbing it into the noses of the people who are unable to purchase one.

Well, IIIIII have a 60 GB PS3, so *gna-gna-gna...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it was a sh!t move for Sony to discontinue that model.

Rainstorm813399d ago

they did it to cut costs. PS3 once upon a time was 600 bucks. People are crying now for a price drop and at best you can get one for $400. If they didnt cut the BC the first price drop wouldve came alot later, but back then no one cared about BC the price just was too high.

But no matter what sony does people will critize. People with 60 GB PS3 just feel happy this dosent affect them. Although the 60 gb has the most problems mine broke twice.

Pennywise3399d ago

All of those crybabies should of bought one instead of forcing Sony to drop all of the cool extra features.

When it comes to Sony, you get what you ask for. People wanted cheaper, they got cheaper.

Now they want BC - It looks like they will have BC.

Only people looking like "douchebags"(you said it) is you with that avatar and attitude. There is no need for it.

dalibor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Sony took out the extra features b/c to many people were b*tchen about the price. Imagine if nobody complained about the price of the Ps3, could there have been a Ps3 model with the EE still intact? Who knows. What Sony should have done is have two models, 1 with less features & no bc(for ppl who just want to play Ps3 games only) & the other model with all of the features like the 60gig. Cant wait to be able to get some Ps2 games like Ico(as mentioned), the Bouncer, SH2, Black, TMblack, GOW, FF11, Socom3, NFS:underground, GT4, MG2/3, SOTC, Timesplitters and others I can't ponder of.

JockamoTwo3399d ago

wait a sec... that's what Microsoft did! They have a version with all the features and they have a dumbed down version that's cheaper!

It's a great model. Let's hope Sony follows it next gen...

dalibor3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Sony & MS should have had just one model from the get go. I am I the only one who prefers just one model(unless its slimline). Even I got confused at one point on which console had what features lol. Too many reversions.

Sony should have done this too imo, to late now, even if Sony did do this it would start bs wars or ppl would be saying Sony copied off of MS. But wouldn't it be better if the 360 & Ps3 just had one model like the previous generations? We shall see what that slimline Ps3 has in store for us costumers & gamers.

JockamoTwo3399d ago

Yeah, it would be better if they had only one model to choose from; or at least simpler. I think one thing about this gen is that the opposing companies are really trying to "out think" each other in terms of marketing and distribution.

I guess I would prefer ms and sony to use the resources allocated towards building new skus into making one really amazingly awesome one.

Isis063399d ago

Sony did, but the prize was considered to high so they striped it (stupid move) and gave every one a gimp model that sold better.
So they made more gimps and they sold too...

My opinion is that they should have kept the version on the market as a Premium product but I guess they just wanted to squeeze the last buck out of the PS2 before they give it up.

Rabid Hamster3399d ago

I'd have loved a 60Gb, but living in Australia with the ridiculously overinflated prices for any electronics it would have cost me close to $1000 Australian. Then since it wasn't a PAL release i would of had to get it converted and the power too.

I don't care how good a deal it was for the American audience that is still over the top for us here. Our pricing level is still a lot higher than US or UK as i understand it.

In short Pennywise & others not everyone had that option.

JockamoTwo3398d ago

I feel sorry for you aussies...that's a ridiculous amount of money. I hope all is solved here with a firmware update, then you can enjoy all the ps2 games you want. :)

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odisho683399d ago

i doubt this is happening and i will be skeptical until Sony holds a press conference and announces this themselves...even though i have the 80 gig motorstorm pack and i have no need for backwards compatibility this would be huge among newer ps3 adopters

iHEARTboobs3399d ago

I have the same 80gig. Never really used it to play any PS2 games though. But if this is true then it's good for those that want it.

lagoonalight3399d ago

this would take a team of dedicated people a while to do

idk, if it's legit I have an 80gb already idc

but if it isn't does anybody care THAT much

who cannot go buy the 80gb that are still available