MAG's Three Private Military Contractors Detailed

In an official US PlayStation blog update, Zipper Interactive's PR manager Jill Webber has posted an entry which details the three private military contractors that players will be able use in the upcoming PlayStation 3 shooter, MAG.

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bigrob1235200d ago

this in on my christmas list looks sweet can't wait to play it not sure who i'll choose out of the 3 factions yet hope i get in the beta to try it out

Chubear5200d ago

The graphics are bloody hot! I can't believe they got a 256 player online to look that good. I don't know of any online game on any other console that looks as rich in texturing and general graphics like this and none of the top games on other consoles even think of doing anything beyond 9v9.

Also, what PS3 exclusives do with atmosphere is truly impressive. You see fog and dust and the use of light to give even more atmosphere, as in evening, noon, morning settings, really lift the graphical dynamic of the look of the game.

Awesome game is just frikgen awesome.

JL5200d ago

Agreed. This is definitely on my list of games to get too. Probably day one (if I have the money at that time with Sony and all their d@mn games lol). I'm not really that big of an online/multiplayer gamer either, but this has some serious attention from me. Looking like I will love it. And I have to agree too this is looking really good considering it's 256 players online.

Syronicus5200d ago

Not sure but do guys here still get together as the N4G clans? I really enjoyed being part of the clans here when we were into COD4 but lost track. Maybe a MAG clan would be good.

y0haN5200d ago

The graphics aren't hot, they are just okay. People aren't buying this for graphics they're buying it because its a ZI PS3 game and it looks like fun.

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OmarJA5200d ago

The game looks very promising can't wait.

THC CELL5200d ago

Who needs activision when we have zipper

i think its safe to say in terms of gameplay
this game mag>>>>cod4/5/6

Chuk_Chuk5200d ago

i agree. can't wait for this

Chubear5200d ago

you're right though. I mean, I'm not an online shooter fanatic and though I enjoy a good frag online I'm not on constantly for FPSs. However, with the brilliant work IW did with CoD4, I had thought I'd always support them with a purchase cause I really liked what they did with the presentation of the story for the CoD series so I'm looking forward more the story campaign in MW2 than online.

...but when it comes to online shooting, my bread and butter is tactical gameplay and that's SOCOM type gameplay all the way for me. So now I see what MAG is shaping up to be and I can't help but realize I can only support IW with a rental for the SP campaign but my purchase $$ is definitely going to Zipper with MAG this Christmas.

WOW, this game is like the ultimate. MAG is like SOCOM, CoD4 and KZ2 all having a hot lesbian threesome and I'm not missing out on that hot action for nobody. XD

Raf1k15200d ago

I'm actually looking forward to COD6 more than MAG since I know I'll enjoy COD whereas I won't know about MAG 'till I play it.

UltimateIdiot9115200d ago

It's okay if you want to play it safe especially when it's $60 a game. Some of us are risk taker and will open new ideas with open arms. After all, a good amount of PS3 owners had confident in Blu-ray even though there was a chance of failure. We are the type of people who will spread the word, we are the type of people who are the early adopters and bring life to new ideas, we are the one who make or break products.

I will be skipping MW2 and going for MAG mainly because I want a more teamwork and tactical orientated fps. I hate playing with a bunch of Rambos.

JL5200d ago


I think that's exactly how I feel right there. I'm not big on shooter games, and not big on online play. Though I do enjoy getting down on some Killzone from time to time. But Zipper, bringing that SOCOM tactical stuff. Now THAT is what I'm really into when it comes to shooters. I can't wait for this.

Chubear5200d ago

Well no it's not jumping the gun at all on this one though cause, for me at least, CoD by IW is a game I get mainly for the story campaign. The online is fun but like I said, online FPS is a so so for me.

However, with Zipper I know what I'm getting with them cause they have a well known track record for tactical online shooting gameplay for over a decade so, for me, from what I've seen so far, it's pretty much a no brainer at this point.

JL5200d ago

It's all a matter of opinion. But I'm right there with you Chubear. MW2 doesn't even stand a chance against MAG for me. I mean it's beyond question at this point. I was never into the COD franchise at all really, whereas SOCOM has been my all-time favorite tactical shooter. It's no contest at this point. MAG is day one. MW2 I'll never even consider playing.

Panthers5200d ago

HAHA I am a huge SOcom fan, it is the only online game I like, but Zipper is horrible. There were so many times when I was frustrated with them. Socom 2 had like a total of 3-4 patches when it needed so much more. And dont even get me started on Socom 3. One of the worst games ever made.

Trust me, this game will disappoint. It will be laggy and have bugs out the ass.

The only reason you guys are praising them is because this is a PS3 exclusive. Zipper blows though.

RussDeBuss5200d ago

cod mw2 is a rent only for me i think, want to play single player, but still enjoying bad company for online, and will wait for bad company 2. unless mag gets briliant reviews(from users not biased media) then i may try it

JL5199d ago

Wow, I don't even know what to say to that. Zipper is awesome. They are very well respected developers. Sure SOCOM had some issues online, but that doesn't at all mean Zipper blows by any means. I've never seen a game with no faults of some sort. I've always absolutely loved the SOCOM games (that zipper did). There's a reason they're so well respected.

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ExgamerLegends25200d ago

but i wont if their weapons suck.

THC CELL5200d ago

the game will be well balanced
unless u get more xp for using them ?

UltimateIdiot9115200d ago

Raven here. Who doesn't like playing with the latest and newest gadget? But hey, some times old school is the best way to do things.

Looking forward to this game.

Chubear5200d ago

To start off, it's looking like I'll be rolling deep with Valor =D

TheBand1t5200d ago

Valor or S.V.E.R for me. Raven look like a bunch of pansies.

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bigrob1235200d ago

yeah im getting this instead of mw2 besides over here mw2 will be quite expencive {uk} i mean play.com have it on pre order for £45 wtf!! so dose that mean GAME will sell it for £50+ bit of a kick in the teath so mag will do me fine

micro_invader5200d ago

Most games go down to £30 - £40 bracket within a few days of release, at least that's what it's like on Amazon.co.uk That's why I usually wait a few days before buying :p

Anyway, seen this video a few weeks ago, so it's old news for me.

Syronicus5200d ago

I have to say, I am one to say I will play both MW2 and MAG rather than one or the other. Looks like both will be great titles.