Gaikai Running WoW, Mario Kart, Spore, More in Firefox - First Video


Here we go! Dave Perry's released a long video of his Cloud gaming app Gaikai in action, showing World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Mario Kart 64, Spore and others playing in a normal Firefox browser with apparently no plug-ins or downloads necessary.

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JL3395d ago

This does look pretty damn cool. Guess this whole cloud thing is really going to take off.

First the videos in Firefox's newest update 3.5. Now this.

Cajun Chicken3395d ago

I trust Dave Perry over Onlive anytime. Dave Perry has bought many a great thing into the gaming industry.

DeadlyFire3395d ago

I think its interesting in the video that it never touches 2 Mbps. Really surprising. Didn't notice any real lag with it either even in World of Warcraft.

Gaikai/Streaming Worlds looks to be much bigger and better service than the others as well. One interview David Perry said something about playing console games from new generation consoles on the service as a possibility. Imagine not having to pay for Xbox 720 or PS4 or Wii 2 or whatever to play the newest games for them. That would be awesome. Its interesting to see Mario Kart 64 on the system. Could mean we could see Nintendo supporting this with more old games and new games. Maybe Sony as well. I don't think Microsoft would jump into this though.

He also says it will be cheaper than the other services. Which is a real plus for it.

Jeremy Clarkson3395d ago

I know you don't a supercomputer to play WoW, but this would really be perfect for MMOs.

vhero3395d ago

Funny thing is this in theory can run on a PS3 as it has a web browser..

bjornbear3395d ago

=O but what will that mean for game purchases?! =P