Firemint has 40-car Real Racing running on iPhone 3GS

Those clever chaps at Firemint are having a whale of a time, it seems. Pop over to their blog and you'll see that they're not only basking in the critical acclaim they've been getting for Real Racing, but they've also been having fun tinkering with the new iPhone 3GS.

Real Racing stretched the iPhone 3G almost to its limits, so the boffins at Firemint thought they'd see how much extra headroom they'd have when running the game on the 3GS. Quite a lot, as it turns out:

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Hobgoblin3449d ago

Good god. I really didn't think we'd be seeing 3GS only games for a long time, but looking at this sort of thing makes me think it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

PS360WII3449d ago

all depends on the market though. Devs may want to make a 3GS only game but when the end users scream bloody murder over a 9.99 priced game one can only think high profile games won't be coming in droves :(

Hobgoblin3449d ago

And there's the danger of annoying 3G users. I can see why devs want to make the most of their games, but it's going to be tricky for them to do it and keep everyone happy.

The real point is that Apple could have made a big mistake by adding some hardware fragmentation to the platform.