Pocket Gamer: Wordulous Review

The pastel shaded graphics and see-saw nursery rhyme score are a smart match for the gameplay and the overall presentation is friendly and inviting. Everything is stitched into a cohesive, satisfying whole and the option to continually call up fresh letters is a noteworthy, quiet innovation that helps to avoid the frustration that plagues similar titles.

Despite the odd quibble, Wordulous is a likeable swot in the iPhone spelling bee contest.

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Hobgoblin3394d ago

Always room for more puzzlers on the iPhone. Apparently.

Shiva3394d ago

Can you spell antidisestablishmentarianism. What only six letter words allowed? No fair!

Hobgoblin3394d ago

I reckon I could spell that as well with six letters as I could with the proper ones :-)

What I need is a word game with a spell checker ;-)