THQ Says Deadly Creatures commercial failure will not be in vain


"We don't have a good post-mortem on [Deadly Creatures]," he said, "but one of the key things that we can build on there is we have great -- that was [developed by] one our internal studios, Rainbow Studios -- and we have great Wii technology there now and so we're developing other games -- stay tuned for the announcements -- but we intend to leverage that great technology on the Wii in the future."

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tonsoffun3394d ago

It was probably due to the crap marketing... the guys at ListenUP! Loved it.

poeo3394d ago

i was really hoping this game would do well :(

since i remember the devs being worried before release that it if it doesn't sell well they're going to be in trouble... that it was a big risk.

i would have bought it if it was on PS3, in a heartbeat. i LOVE unique games.

TrollSlayer3394d ago

the wii version of mercenaries would have been more profitable than this

Xander-RKoS3394d ago

It's another niche title...I'm glad it existed but it was going to do so well compared to more traditional genres and franchises...that's just how the world works.