Regardless of when Wii HD releases, Patcher will always be right.

Michael Patcher has always said that Nintendo would eventually make a Wii HD. On Monday his comments made about the rumored Wii HD, or Wii Plus as Patcher likes to say, were thrown around the internet. For many, Patcher's obsession with a future Wii HD seems to be getting old, and many vocalized this exact complaint over at Neogaf. The most amazing part? Patcher responded.

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shocky163396d ago

Just sit there, make up incredibly stupid predictions and get a nice pay check for it..

mistajeff3396d ago

Very true. Though the article itself is pretty skeptical about him in general. The headline is more a reference to Patcher himself saying that Patcher will always be right because, well, because he's a douche.

bermcg3396d ago

Really nice pay. According to Malstrom, he's going to his fifth Porsche.

DeadlyFire3396d ago

I think Wii HD or Wii Plus would be a big mistake and cause alot of confusion for consumers. It would be better to just call it Wii 2 or NES 6 or something else. 2010/2011. Either way it won't matter. 2011 is most likely date, but name is not likely to be Wii HD or Wii Plus. I do agree new Nintendo console will exist before 2012 though.

xwabbit3396d ago

How many times has this guy phailed ? Y do people keep paying him

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-MD-3397d ago

What? Sit in a chair and spew bullshit all day and make money? I'll take that job too.

leila013396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Sure, You'll need a degree in Economics and Sociology to be able to apply for the job though.

Foxgod3396d ago

Lol, wut ?

I posted this in another article:

"that guy is making contradicting statements.

-360 natal to destroy wii and ps3 motion sensing
-wii owners wont need 360 or ps3 when wiihd arrives
-ps3 will eventually outsell competition
-360 will finish in first place this generation

With the statements he made it doesnt matter anymore what happens, he will always be able to claim he was right.
What an ass."

have i finally learned to read minds ? :P

Oner3396d ago

WOW! I can't believe I am saying this but I absolutely agree seems he is just covering his bases to then say he was right later on because he said every combination of BS there is!

LBD_Nytetrayn3396d ago

...when it can't even get his name right?

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The story is too old to be commented.